Tuesday, October 04, 2005

20th September

Mink Pelican, Pete Woodhead, Jim Backhaus + Ken Hollings played:

Heldon - zind destruction
Ilitch - programme A
Biting Tongues - Evening State
Sun City Girls - x+y=fuck you
Bobby Beausoleil + Freedom Orchestra - Lucifer Rising Part one
Slava Tsukerman (from Liquid Sky OST) - Word Play
Duotronic Synterror - Phantasie
Felix kubin - Matki Wandalki
Chris Carter - Electrodub 2
Klaus Schultze - study for Philip K Dick
human league - dignity of labour part one
hans edler - out of the body
ennio morricone - robodog
zodiac - zodiac
big block 454 - corporal cloud
kingdom come - time captives
Skullflower - Saturn
die ratten - das lied om totalen
der plan - da vorne steht ne ampel
Hyatari - harvestung sod
blue cheer - gypsy wizard
stereolab - i was a sunny rainphase


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