Wednesday, July 19, 2006

kosmische radio playlist 19th july 2006

jim bunnyhausen celebrates 10 years of 'krautrock tomfoolery':

tom dissevelt & kid baltan - song of the second moon (from 'song of the second moon' lp, limelight)
the advisory circle - the cuckoo calls (from 'mind how you go' cd, ghost box)
lard free - tatkooz a roulette (from s/t cd, spalax)
conrad schnitzler - live action '77 excerpt (from 'live action 1977' lp, plate lunch)
zombi - cassiopeia (from 'cosmos' cd, release entertainment)
rusty santos - up high (7", uuar)
bruce ditmus - yellow (from 'yellow' lp, wizard records)
conrad schnitzler - solar cells (from 'electronegativity' album)
spoonich - laser dance (12", panama records)
blindganger - spiel ohne worte (from 'new deutsch' compilation, dj gigolos)
bernard parmegiani - pop'eclectic (1968) (from 'pop'eclectic' cd, plate lunch)
harmonia - dino (from 'musik von harmonia' lp, brain)
thomas leer - private plane (7", cubic music)
salvatore - atom of the month (forthcoming on racing junior)
gang gang dance - god's money VII (from 'god's money' cd, the social registry)
circle - lokki (from 'raunio: live' cd, ektro)


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