Saturday, January 19, 2008

18th January 2008 Kosmische Playlist

Jim Backhaus 'It's After The End of the World, Don't You Know That Yet?' kosmische excursion:

Dom - Introitus (from 'Edge Of Time', Second Battle)
Heldon - Baader Meinhof Blues (7", Disjuncta)
Patrick Vian - Tunnel 4 Red Noise (from 'Bruits et Temps Analogues', Egg)
R D Burman - The Burning Train (from V/A 'Bombay Connection', Bombay Connection)
Those Lovely Hula Hands - Menevät Miehet (from V/A 'Psychedelic Phinland 1968-74', Love Records)
A.R. & Machines - Cosmic Vibration / Come On People ('Die Grüne Reise', Polydor)
Pekka Airaksinen - Fos 2 (from V/A 'Psychedelic Phinland 1968-74', Love Records)
Jocy de Olveira - Wave Song para Piano e Voz ('Estórias para Voz, Instrumentos Acústicos e Eletrônicos', Creel Pone)
Henk Badings - Evolutions (from 'Electronic Music', Phillips)
Mordant Music - The Tower part IV (from 'The Tower', Mordant Music)
Mariola Brillowska - Ich, Klaus Nomi (from V/A 'You Don't Nomi', Rockcity Hamburg EV)
Takehisa Kosugi - Mano Dharma '74 (from 'Catch Wave', CBS)

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