Saturday, May 17, 2008

kosmische playlist 16/05/08

broadcast on 16 May 2008-:

DJ Tango-Mango's alien visitations:-

Sol Andersson / Ström -"Alien Intro" (Musik för Främmande Civilisationer[Music for Alien Civilisations ] CD, Container 2008)
Mothlite - "Hypnogogue" (The Flax Of Reverie CD, Southern 2008)
Andrew Liles & Jean-Herve Peron - "Shake Your Hooves" (Fini! CD, DirterPromotions 2008)
Faust - "Munic/Yesterday" (71 Minutes of ... CD, ReR Megacorp 1996)
Coil - "Careful What You Wish For" (The New Backwards CD, ThresholdHouse 2008)
Sun City Girls - "Steppe Spiritual" (Mister Lonely - Music from a Filmby Harmony Korine OST CD, Drag City 2008)
ASVA - "Christopher Columbus" (What You Don't Know Is Frontier CD,Southern 2008)
Charisma - "C Rock" (Chinese Restaurant LP, Philips 1977)Farflung - "Future Days" (So Many Minds, So Little Time CD, PurplePyramid 1997)

Playlist for the Kosmische club radio show on Resonance104.4FM and


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