Tuesday, November 08, 2005

JIM BACKHAUS playlist : 8th november 2005

COSMIC JOKERS - kinder des alles (from 'Sci-Fi Party' LP, spalax)

HELDON - Les Soucoupes Volantes Vertes (from 'Interface' CD, cuneiform)

DOMINIQUE ANDRE - On The Way to the Jungle / Jungle-Jangle / Tribes (all from 'Evasion' LP, musical touch sound)

ERIC MALMBERG - Overjagel (from 'Den Gatfulla Manniskan' CD, hapna)

DESMOND LESLIE - Destruction of the Flies (from 'Music of the Future', trunk records)

THE VITAMIN B12 - Tea and Biscuits / Ornaments (both from 'Badges' 2xLP*, tiptop)

PUTREFIER - I Will Conceal This Bird Now (from 'Hypertension Classics' 4xCD, harbinger sound)

MELODIUM - Emptykuerten (from 'La Tete Qui Flotte' CD, autres directions in music)

DIE SYNTHETISCHE REPUBLIK - Der Boeste Osten (from 'Kassetentaeter Sampler #4': German Cassette Underground 1980-1984' LP)

MICHEL HEINKEL - Samstag Ist Nur Einmal In Der Woche (from 'New Wave Complex #9' mp3 compilation)

CONRAD SCHNITZLER - Das Tier (from 'New Wave Complex #4' mp3 compilation)

ANDY GIORBINO - Sxmmxr Zx Kxrz (from 'Lieber Zuviel Als Zuwenig' LP, zickzack)

DIE EGOZENTRISCHEN 2 - The Germans (from 'Die Egozentrischen 2' LP, was soll das? schallplatten)

FELIX KUBIN - Shakin' Tundra (7" on meeuw muzak)

GUDRUN GUT - Move Me (7" on earsugar jukebox)

ENRICO SEROTTI - 1.707.000 (from 'The Mission Is Terminated /Nice Tracks' LP, nice music)

MALARIA! - Mensch (from 'Compiled' CD, moabit musik)

SCULPTURE - Statuary Rite part I (from 'Statuary Rites' CDr)



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