Saturday, January 21, 2006

AND...after last month's riotous event: another one at the Old Blue Last...
pass it on!!
Kosmische Club
LIVE: ommm
"OMMM is the pseudonym used by a reclusive Tibetan guru linked to the ADAADAT label. Rarely seen in public, his devotional performance style and mysterious, shifting rhythms and harmonies have been known to drive worshippers into such a frenzy that they began to eat each other. Raw."

Kosmische parks the trans-europe express in Shoreditch, beaming freaked-out sounds from the further reaches of the universe to the upstairs of The Old Blue Last. Brains will melt to the sound of the impossible, from Amon Duul to Boredoms via Kraftwerk, Neu!, Sun Ra, Throbbing Gristle and beyond.

Saturday FEBRUARY 4th
the old blue last
38 Great Eastern street, London, EC2A.
£3 / 8pm - 12am

Kosmische Club


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