Thursday, December 08, 2005

Kosmische FM Playlist for 29th November 2005

Playlist for the Kosmische Club radio show on Resonance FM, 29th November 2005

Tango-Mango's Godspeed you Grand Erector of Perfidious Albion selection.

The Fugs
- "Nothing"
Ectogram - "Overstopped"
Ulan Bator - "God, Dog"
Permanent Fatal Error - "Low Law Speed"
Faust - "On The Way To Abamae"
Charles Hayward - "Time Is Spiral"
SMDO - "Complex Heavy Place" (extract)
Kawabata Makoto - "Planet Crazy Diamond" (extract)
Damo Suzuki and Cul de Sac - "Berlin 6"
Edward Ka-Spel - "Mechanical Sam"
Orbit Sequence - "High Orbit"
Coil - "I Don't Want To Be The One"
Raised By Wolves - (track 8)


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