Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Jim Backhaus played these records:

Conrad Schnitzler - Live Action W. Berlin 1977 part 2 (excerpt) ('Live Action 1977' LP, Plate Lunch)

Pascal Plantinga - We Don't Have Time to Rescue Cats from Trees (Mapstation Remix) (JDK productions 12")

Moebius + Plank - Two Old Timers (from 'RastaKrautPasta' LP, Sky Records)

Mauricio Kagel - Transition I ('Berio, Kagel, Xenakis, Maderna' LP, Phillips Prospective 21 series)

Archaia - Soleil Noir (from 'Archaia' LP, Soleil Zeuhl)

Eddie Warner - Chromatickle (from 'Luke Vibert's Nuggets' 2LP, Lo Recordings)

Ghedalia Tazartes - Une Eclipse Totale du Soleil (Alga Marghen)

Don Cherry - Chenrezig (from 'Brown Rice' LP, EMI)

Putrefier - Runaway Haze (from 'Hypertension Classics 2' 4CD, Harbinger Sound)

Magical Power Mako - Cosmos Soundglass + Sound, Mother, Earth (from 'Magical Power Mako's Super Record' LP, Polydor Japan)

Massimo Pilia - Stellar Research (from 'Towards the Nocturnal Luminary' CDr, www.super60.org)

Acid Mothers Temple - Speed Guru (from 'Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso UFO' (1st album) PSF)

Holderlin - Walterbericht (from 'Holderlin's Traum' LP, Pilz label)


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