Thursday, August 10, 2006

tango mango playlist, 9th august 06

Tango-Mango soars from wave to cloud, alive alive-o

Boredoms - "House Of Sun" (Seadrum/House Of Sun CD, Vice 2006)
High Tide - "Blankman Cries Again" (High Tide 1970, Eclectic CD 2006)
Faust - "Avale Ou Crache" (unreleased 2006)
S/T - "Wir Brauchen Dich" ( CD, Save Our Sperms 2006)
High Tide - "Death Warmed Up" (Sea Shanties [1969], Eclectic CD 2006)
Current 93 - "Black Ships Ate The Sky" (Black Ships Ate The Sky CD Durtro Jnana 2006)
Faust - "Rossini" (unreleased 2006)
Our Brother The Native - "Nautical Spirits: Welcome To The Aquarium" (Tooth And Claw CD, FatCat 2006)

and in the background: Theme - "Repeat To fade" and "East Of Now" (Our Angels Dislocated CD, Lumberton Trading Company 2006)


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