Saturday, February 02, 2008

Tango Mango Kosmische Playlist 1/2/08

Playlist for the Kosmische Club radio show on Resonance 104.4FM inLondon and online at, 1 February 2008

Tango-Mango's New Year breeze:

KK Null - "[BaryoGenesis] 1" ([BaryoGenesis] CD, Vivo 2007)

Sir Richard Bishop - "Hecate's Dream" (Polytheistic Fragments CD, DragCity 2007)

Faust/Nurse With Wound - (Extract from faust side of bonus vinyl 12") (Disconnected (vinyl edition), Dirter Promotions, forthcoming 2008)

LSD March - "Dance" (Nikutai No Tubomi 2CD, Beta-lactam Ring Records, 2007)

Seven That Spells - "I" (The Men From Dystopia CD, Beta-lactam RingRecords 2007)Circle - "Colere" (Meronia CD, Ektro 2007)

Volcano the Bear - "The Three Twins" (Admidst the Noise and Twigs CD,Beta-lactam Ring Records 2007)

Faust - "Krakow I" (Od Serca Do Duszy 2CD, Lumberton Trading Company 2007)

Fuck Buttons - "Sweet Love For Planet Earth" (Street Horrrsing CD, ATPRecordings 2008)

Gallhammer - "Killed by the Queen" (Ill Innocence CD, Peaceville 2007)


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