Saturday, November 29, 2008

lost transmission from the quarantine quarters: 28/11/2008

jim backhaus' kosmische radio playlist 28/11/2008

pete woodhead's kosmische sting
ursula bogner - 2 ton (
kripps - arne kinder (schwabenstolz tapes)
son of heino and the o brothers - von da nach dort(e) (schwabenstolz tapes)
nocturnal emissions - concentration theme (reprise) (sterile)
der zyklus - quasar (frustrated funk)
lard free - 12 ou 13 juillet que je sais d'elle (spalax)
tara cross - eyes don't lie (flexi-pop)
ursula bogner - speichen (
gareth williams & marie currie - a to b (not on label)
pascal comelade - distant pianos + san salvador (parasite)
archaia - soleil noir (soeil-zeuhl)
tod dockstader - interlude (boosey and hawkes / creel-pone)
heldon - bolero pt2 + pt3 (cuneiform)
afrirampo - suuto breakor 3 (p-vine)
erik malmberg - det hogre nedvetandet (hapna)
andreas dorau - die welt ist schlecht (ata-tak)

hear it for a short time here: any artists objecting to their inclusion in this mix please contact us and the link will be removed

kosmische radio, every friday night, 22:30 - 23:30 gmt / 104.4 fm london.


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