Thursday, August 31, 2006

kosmische playlist, 30th August 06

jim backhaus' molecular delusions 30/08/06

Battiato - Fetus (from 'Fetus', bmg)
Six Organs of Admittance - Assyrian Blood (split 7" with Om, holy mountain)
Broadcast - Microtronics #15 (from 'Microtronics #2' cd3" warp)
Polyphonic Size - Mode (from 'Algorhythmic EP', sandwich records)
David Vorhaus - Snide Rhythms (from 'The Tomorrow People' OST, trunk records)
Erkin Koray - Sir (from 'Elektronik Turkuler' LP, damla / nexus records)
George Teperino - Electrosonics 1 (from 'Telemusic Library #104' LP with Cecil Leuter)
Ramases - Molecular Delusions (from 'Space Hymns' LP, vertigo)

The Knife - Na, Na, Na (from 'Silent Shout' CD, rabid records)
Can't / Jessica Rylan - Lonely At Night (from 'Private Time' cassette, IRFP)
Tantra - Hills of Katmandu (Patrick Cowley Mix) (from Automan #9 12")
Paul Turner - Panels V (from 'Electronic Music from the University of Melbourne' cdr, creel-pone)
The Shadow Ring - Tiny Creatures (siltbreeze 7")
Bob Cobbing & Henri Chopin - Refreshment Break
Schlammpeitziger - Pra Frag (Electronicat Remix) (12", sonig)
Soft Cell - Walking Makeup Counter (from 'The Bedsit Tapes' CD, some bizarre)
Tom Recchion - Forced To Waltz Forever (from 'I Love My Organ' CD, birdman)
Kemialliset Ystavet - Kuuma Tomu (from 'Kellari Juniversumi' CD, fonal records)
The Telescopes - dsm-iv axis 1:307.46 (from 'Night Terrors' 7", transmet records
Ruth White - Owls (from 'Flowers of Evil' cdr, creel-pone)
Sun Yama - Subterranean Homesick Blues (from 'A Tribute To Flexi-Pop #5' cdr)

+ some other things i can't remember


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