Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Marcelo Madrid 27/9/'06

COIL....Are you Shivering?
CAESAR ROMERO....The Switch.
FOETUS....Blessed Evening.
NURSE WITH WOUND....Black is the Colour of my True Loves Hair.
CAESAR ROMERO....Violet Rose.
LIARS....Lets not wrestle mt Heart Attack.
THIS HEAT....24 Track Loop.
GANG GANG DANCE....Untitled.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

jim backhaus 20/09/06

Delia Gonazales and Gavin Russom - Relevee (from 'The Days of Mars', DFA)
Edward Artemiev - Looks At The World of Sound (excerpt) (from 'Early Russian Electronic Music 1964 - 72' CDr)
Weird Pierre Henry cut-up (excerpt from super rare 7" via
Orriel Smith - Winds of Space (from 'Fuzzy Felt Folk', Trunk Records)
Satellite and Atom Christal - Boulevard Circulaire (from 'New Wave Complex #11', CDr)
Belbury Poly - Lord Belbury's Folly (from 'The Owl's Map', Ghost Box:
Ramases - You're The Only One (from 'Space Hymns', Vertigo)
Nicholas Schofer - Chronosonar 5 (from 'Hommage a Bartok', Hungaroton)
Tyndall - Wolkenlos (from 'Sonnenlicht', Sky Records)
Bene Gesserit - American Orphan Girl (from 'A Tribute To Flexi-pop #8' CDr)
Ruth White - Clocks (from 'Flowers of Evil', Limelight/Creel-Pone)
Spacecraft - Herabizant (from 'Paradoxe', Spalax)
Video Aventures - Une Vie Moderne (from 'Musique Pour Garcons et Filles', ReR)
Philippe Doray - Musique Pour Residences Secondaires (from 'Nouveaux Modes Industrielles', Scopa Invisible)