Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tango-Mango and Marcelo Madrid's end-of-seasonal pudding on Resonance 104.4FM, 27 December 2006

Circle - "Bakkis" (Miljard CD, Ektro 2006)
Hella - "2012 And Countless" (There's No 666 In Outer Space" CD, Ipecac 2006)
No-Neck Blues Band - "untitled" (Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones But Names Will Never Hurt Me CD, Revenant 2001)
Green Milk From The Planet Orange - "KillmeKillmeKillme" (You Take Me To The World CD, Beta-Lactam Ring Recordings 2006)
Boredoms - "Teenage Bondage" (Super Roots CD, Very Friendly 2006)
Skullflower - "Starry Wisdom" (Orange Canyon Mind CD, Crucial Blast Records 2005)
Faust - "Party V" (BBC Sessions +, ReR, 2001)
The Residents - "Aircraft Damage" (Our Tired, Our poor, Our Huddled Masses 4xCD, Euro Ralph 1997)
Boredoms - "Hard Trance Way (Karaoke Of Cosmos)" [Extract] (Super Roots 3 CD, Very Friendly 2006)
Faust - "Baby Is Blue (Bangor Hendre Hall)" (Faust ...In Autumn promo CD, Dirter 2006)

we're taking a break, we'll be back on Resonance early in April '07.

watch this space for news of upcoming gigs, club nights, podcasts and myriad other projects from early on in the new year...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jim Backhaus playlist 6/12/06

moebius and plank - feedback 66 (from 'rastakraut pasta', sky records)
boris policeband - tow away (from 'new york noise #3', soul jazz)
bernard fevre - cosmic rays (from 'the strange world of bernard fevre', l'illustration musicale)
michael heinkel - munchen grosst dusseldorf
dino martini - i like the way she smiled (from 'ferien', was soll das? schallplatten)
philippe besombes - ceci est la (from 'cesi est cela', mio records)
radio free europe - heart of the matter (from 'laughoncue', hedonics)
richard youngs and simon wickham-smith - 2006 (from 'five years', vhf)
puyo puyo - attack of the mutant tyroleans (from 'orphan tunes from the mono times', la olla express)
taigebauer - kleiner astronaut
stratis - green village (from 'the lost tapes', minimal wave)
xylitol - untitled track
circle - b.f.f. (from 'miljard', ektro)
delia derbyshire and barry bermange - dreams (radio montage 1964, excerpt)
bernard fevre - dali (from 'the strange world of bernard fevre', l'illustration musicale)
chrisma - c:rock (from 'chinese restaurant', polydor)