Monday, April 28, 2008


kosmische radio playlist 25th April 08

Candie Hank: Le Desastre [sonig]
Workshop: Eskapade [Caipirinha]
The Bionaut: Wild Horse Annie (Pluramon Mix) [Caipirinha]
Michael Neufeld: zirkel junger musiker [saarland sampler 1982]
Nonplace Urban Field: Roll Over Ehrenfeld [Caipirinha]
DAF: co co pina [mute]
Puyo Puyo; Nice Day In Perspective [La Olla Expresss]
Synthenphall: abzaehlreim [saarland sampler 1982]
Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element: This Far And No Further [Rabeat's Cage compilation]
F.X. Randomiz: Dirtum [Caipirinha]
Strafe für rebellion: Siamang [white label]
Vorgruppe: Is Mir Egal [white label]
Severed Heads: Eat Roland [A selection - sydney 1981, M Squared]
Now: oslo house [oisheedy anna]
Pia Burnette + Felix Kubin: Traumtransmission [Gagarin]
Klaus Schulze: Melange [OHM: Early Gurus of Electronic Music (1948-1980)] [Ellipsis Arts]
Conrad Schnitzler: 5 [12 Stucke Aus Dem Jahr 1974]
Patrick Vian: barong rounge [Egg]
Seven and Three: Equator [The Pulse of new York, Glass]

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Kosmische DJs at a venue near YOU

Kosmische DJs will be playing at The Japanese New Music Festival 2008 (a rather portentious name for what is a shifting combination of three members of Acid Mothers Temple, but which nonetheless promises to be a very groovy psychedelic happening) - this happens this Sunday the 27th April at the Corsica Studios (with lots more info on their website)

Some other Kosmische DJs will be playing this Saturday the 26th April at The Haggerston (438 Kingsland Road, London) at a free night featuring rather splendid 'post rock' (for want of a better term) band Temperatures and some other people. Some more info on our kosmische myspace page here.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Saturday, April 12, 2008

kosmische playlist 11/04/2008


la düsseldorf - düsseldorf
kraftwerk - heavy metal kids
kraftwerk - von himmel hoch
neu! - negativland
neu! - super
la düsseldorf - viva
la düsseldorf - white overalls
la düsseldorf - geld
neu! - 86 commercial trash
la düsseldorf - dampfreimen
la düsseldorf - la düsseldorf
thomas dinger - für dich

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Playlist for the Kosmische Club special Clear Spot radio show 2 April 2008

DJ Tango-Mango's "2008 - a delayed space requiem"

For Gilly X (1970-2007)

Circle - "Pigs In The Paper" (Panic CD, Ektro 2007)
300,000 V.K. - "Also Sprach Johann Paul II" (Also Sprach Johann Paul IICD, A.M.D.G 1996)
Fuck Buttons - "Okay, Let's Talk About Magic" (Street Horrrsing CD, ATPRecordings 2008)
Giant Paw - "Push The Light" (Edit) (Feral Electronics promo CD, 2008)
Kontakte - "Ghosts Of Electricity" (promo CD 2008)
Silver Apples - "Seagreen Serenades" (Silver Apples CD, MCA 1997)
Gilly X - "Drone Again" (Unfinished Sofa Business vol.1 CD, BKIT 2007)
Boredoms - "LIVWE!!" (edit) (Super Roots 9 CD, Thrill Jockey 2008)
Circle - "Fish Reflection" (Katapult CD, No Quarter 2007)
Lustmord - "Sol Om On" (The Place Where The Black Stars Hang CD,Soleilmoon 2007)