Saturday, January 21, 2006

AND...after last month's riotous event: another one at the Old Blue Last...
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Kosmische Club
LIVE: ommm
"OMMM is the pseudonym used by a reclusive Tibetan guru linked to the ADAADAT label. Rarely seen in public, his devotional performance style and mysterious, shifting rhythms and harmonies have been known to drive worshippers into such a frenzy that they began to eat each other. Raw."

Kosmische parks the trans-europe express in Shoreditch, beaming freaked-out sounds from the further reaches of the universe to the upstairs of The Old Blue Last. Brains will melt to the sound of the impossible, from Amon Duul to Boredoms via Kraftwerk, Neu!, Sun Ra, Throbbing Gristle and beyond.

Saturday FEBRUARY 4th
the old blue last
38 Great Eastern street, London, EC2A.
£3 / 8pm - 12am

Kosmische Club

kosmische maschine in cambridge

die kosmische maschine invites you to:

a trip to the countryside

Kosmische Club (rural hedonist wing)


romvelope listen here:
sculpture listen here:
man from uranus listen here:

romvelope: "Brace yourself!" "a dirty great big collision of your entire record collection filtered through a slew of guest vocalists and 8-Bit jiggery pokery" Influences from Mouse on Mars and The Soft Pink Truth through to Felix Kubin and Donna Summer? "Tetris beats and a shed-load of broken biscuit rhythms" boomkat

sculpture: "Sculpture is the work of Dan Hayhurst who breathes life into old old tape machines creating the most blissful music of the future melding tape loops and synths". resonancefm

man from uranus: "largely composed on analog synths and arranged as living things might do it, meaning quirks and goofiness and strange sounds" dusted

26th January 2006
The Portland, 129 Chesterton Rd
Price: tbc
Start: 8:30

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Sunday, January 01, 2006

jim backhaus' synthetik xmas

as broadcast at some point between 24th and 27th december 2005:

handplayed by robots - analogue dialogue (kpm library, 1979)

peter thomas orchester - synthesizer's melody ('neo astronautic sound', bungalow)

bal pare - raumpatrouille (thanks to woebot!)

peter thomas orchester - raumpatrouille (from 'raumpatrouille' ost, bungalow)

enrico serotti - 1-707-000 (from v/a 'nice tracks', expanded records, italy)

foyer des arts - wolfram siebeck hat recht (b-side of 'eine konigin mit radern...' 12", wea, germany)

musique mecanique - atoms for energy (from v/a 'great complotto: pordenone' italian records)

gorilla aktiv - speigelbild (from 'umsonst ohne risiko', was soll das? platte)

crash course in science - cakes in the home (7", go go records, 1979)

sugalo - disco (from v/a 'kassettentater #4' lp)

nik tyndall - wolkenloss (from 'sonnenlicht' lp, sky records)

dzyan - back to where we come from (from 'electric silence', bacillus)

assorted studio outtakes by joe meek and geoff goddard from 'meeky meeky #2')

ruth hohman & erbe chor - das licht (from 'kosmos: the soundtrack to east germany's adventures in space', cinesoundz)

asmus tietchens - nervenfall (from 'spat europa' lp, sky records)

siegfried sasse + signale - orbit swing (from 'kosmos: the soundtrack to east germany's adventures in space', cinesoundz)

kevin blechdom - i'm coming (from 'eating my heart out', chicks on speed records)

dino martin - cannes (from v/a 'kassettentater #4' lp)

saal 2 - angst vor 'm tanzen (7" on zickzack)

die dominas - die wespendomina (from 'die dominas' 10", fabrikneu)

harmonia - dino (from 'harmonia', brain)

+ assorted doctor who sfx from the mute/grey area compilation