Thursday, August 31, 2006

kosmische playlist, 30th August 06

jim backhaus' molecular delusions 30/08/06

Battiato - Fetus (from 'Fetus', bmg)
Six Organs of Admittance - Assyrian Blood (split 7" with Om, holy mountain)
Broadcast - Microtronics #15 (from 'Microtronics #2' cd3" warp)
Polyphonic Size - Mode (from 'Algorhythmic EP', sandwich records)
David Vorhaus - Snide Rhythms (from 'The Tomorrow People' OST, trunk records)
Erkin Koray - Sir (from 'Elektronik Turkuler' LP, damla / nexus records)
George Teperino - Electrosonics 1 (from 'Telemusic Library #104' LP with Cecil Leuter)
Ramases - Molecular Delusions (from 'Space Hymns' LP, vertigo)

The Knife - Na, Na, Na (from 'Silent Shout' CD, rabid records)
Can't / Jessica Rylan - Lonely At Night (from 'Private Time' cassette, IRFP)
Tantra - Hills of Katmandu (Patrick Cowley Mix) (from Automan #9 12")
Paul Turner - Panels V (from 'Electronic Music from the University of Melbourne' cdr, creel-pone)
The Shadow Ring - Tiny Creatures (siltbreeze 7")
Bob Cobbing & Henri Chopin - Refreshment Break
Schlammpeitziger - Pra Frag (Electronicat Remix) (12", sonig)
Soft Cell - Walking Makeup Counter (from 'The Bedsit Tapes' CD, some bizarre)
Tom Recchion - Forced To Waltz Forever (from 'I Love My Organ' CD, birdman)
Kemialliset Ystavet - Kuuma Tomu (from 'Kellari Juniversumi' CD, fonal records)
The Telescopes - dsm-iv axis 1:307.46 (from 'Night Terrors' 7", transmet records
Ruth White - Owls (from 'Flowers of Evil' cdr, creel-pone)
Sun Yama - Subterranean Homesick Blues (from 'A Tribute To Flexi-Pop #5' cdr)

+ some other things i can't remember

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

27th AUGUST: Sunburnt Hand Of The Man @ Corsica Studios

Kosmische Club presents

Sunburned Hand of the Man onstage 10pm
sunburnedhandoftheman [listen]
"Primal rock Improv wig-outs experts" The Wire
"one motherfucker of a psychedelic trip" Head Heritage
"a collective of musical freaks"
"a chaotic assortment of ghostly free-jazz, psychotic space-rock jams, ambient droning, ethereal folk ballads"
"a big mass of undulating boogie"

Prey onstage 9.15pm
are barry 7 (from add n to (x)), godsey cherrystones (twisted nerve) and supreme vagabond craftsman. plus a boy/girl drummer duo.
"mental acid fried psych rock abstraction" [listen] [listen] [listen]

Zukanican onstage 8.30pm [listen]
...a wholly satisfying and genre-defying collection of an exhilarating musical stew, full of goodness and incredibly tasty. Ptolemaic Terrascope
.. their free-flowing improvisations, tasty Krautrock grooves and jazz flourishes immediately paint a huge aural canvas with thick layers of colors borrowed from just about everyone from Coltrane and Sun Ra to The Soft Machine and Bablicon. Foxydigitalis
Theremin battery, skippy keys, s-bending bass, drill pattern drums, siren organ in continuum, other pulses muscling in on the action, a diversion into free-funk with sci-fi white noise cutting across. Vanity Project
Zukanican can safely be categorized as uncategorizeable Splendid Magazine jazz fragments flutter by like psychedelic moths attracted by the fire Dream Magazine

kosmische club djs playing electronic sounds from the future...

sunday august 27
corsica studios
zone 1, very easy tube+bus


corsica studios unit 5 farrell court elephant road london SE17 1LB

some videos/images from K10

Wednesday, August 16, 2006



ANIMAL COLLECTIVE....Someday i'll grow as tall as the giant.
THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION....Trouble every day.
VELVET UNDERGROUND....White Light/White Heat.
PERE UBU....Street Waves.
SLITS....Instant Hit.
ADAM AND THE ANTZ....Cartrouble parts 1 & 2.
DEVO....Wiggly World.
PERE UBU....Untitled.
DEVO....(i cant get no)Satisfaction.
SILVER APPLES....Lovefingers.
FOETUS....Mon Agonie Douce.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

tango mango playlist, 9th august 06

Tango-Mango soars from wave to cloud, alive alive-o

Boredoms - "House Of Sun" (Seadrum/House Of Sun CD, Vice 2006)
High Tide - "Blankman Cries Again" (High Tide 1970, Eclectic CD 2006)
Faust - "Avale Ou Crache" (unreleased 2006)
S/T - "Wir Brauchen Dich" ( CD, Save Our Sperms 2006)
High Tide - "Death Warmed Up" (Sea Shanties [1969], Eclectic CD 2006)
Current 93 - "Black Ships Ate The Sky" (Black Ships Ate The Sky CD Durtro Jnana 2006)
Faust - "Rossini" (unreleased 2006)
Our Brother The Native - "Nautical Spirits: Welcome To The Aquarium" (Tooth And Claw CD, FatCat 2006)

and in the background: Theme - "Repeat To fade" and "East Of Now" (Our Angels Dislocated CD, Lumberton Trading Company 2006)

jim backhaus playlist, 2nd august 06

Jim Backhaus and the resonance studio mouse playlist, 2nd August 2006:

asmus tietchens – futurum drei (die stadt)
spiders on phasing – scorpions studio outtakes parts 6 & 7 (gagarin)
matthias schuster – raumkrank (nlw)
tom ware – chinatown (sky records)
grauzone - hinter den bergen (welt records)
conrad & gregor schnitzler – track 10 untitled (creel-pone)
gorilla aktiv – suono seguito / die maske (version) (was soll das? Schallplatten)
hermann kopp - mondo zombie (vinyl-on-demand)
porno - graf – schwanze (vinyl-on-demand)
d.u.r. - deutschland brenndt
holger hiller & thomas fehlmann - wir bauen eine stadt: speil fur kinder (ata-tak / gagarin)
saal 2 – strandgefuhle (vinyl-on-demand)