Friday, November 24, 2006

Frances Morgan, 22/11/06

Exploding Star Orchestra : Psycho-tropic Electric Eel Dream
Sinoia Caves: Evil Ball
Dieter Moebius: April
Crime In Choir: High Thin Circus/Measure of a Master
Amon Düül II: Between The Eyes
The Telescopes: Another Sky
Paul Wirkus: 1964
DJ Koze: Getreide Phunk
Geoff Mullen: Gold Eyes
Wolf Eyes: Leper War
Sunroof!: Marijuana Suicide

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Marcelo Madrid Returns To Base. 15/11/'06

Faust...Munic/Yesterday .1974
Achim Reichel + Machines....Echo Der Gegenwart .1972
Annexus Quam....Osmose 2 .1970
Sand....On The Corner .1974
Amon Duul 2....Yeti .1970
NEU!....Weissensee. 1971
Sand....Vulture II(edit). 1974

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Kosmische Playlist 8/11/06 TANGO MANGO

Tango-Mango's been burned in the unholy fire

Kling Klang - "H'vydale" (Esthetik of Destruction CD, Rock Action 2006)
Henry Cow - "Off The Map" (Concerts: Remastered CD, ReR 2006)
Acid Mothers Temple And The Melting Paraiso UFO - "Five Dimensional
Nightmare" (Myth Of The Love Electrique CD, Riot Season 2006)
Alexander Tucker - "Saddest Summer" (Furrowed Brow CD, ATP Recordings 2006)
Panda Bear - "Bro's" (Bro's 12", FatCat 2006)
Akron/Family - "Blessing Force" (Meek Warrior CD, Young God 2006)
Shit & Shine - "Unchained Ladies Shopper" (Jealous Of Shit & Shine CD,
Riot Season 2006)
MKUltra - "Immobilise" (Fad Gadget By Frank Tovey 2CD,2DVD, Mute 2006)
Laibach - "Rossiya" (Volk CD, Mute 2006)

Jim Backhaus 1/11/06 Kosmische Playlist

Jim Backhaus missing in action 1/11/06

Chrisma - Black Silk Stocking (from 'Chinese Restaurant' LP Polydor)
Sleeparchive - Sleep Square (from 'Radio Transmission' EP, Sleeparchive)
Orriel Smith - Winds of Space (from 'Fuzzy Felt Folk' CD, Trunk Records)
Clark - Night Knuckles (from 'Body Riddle' LP, Warp)
impLOG - Holland Tunnel Dive (from 'New York Noise #3' LP, Soul Jazz)
A Smile for Timbuctu - We Miss Carol (OMMM remix) (via
Holger Hiller & Thomas Fehlmann - Wir Bauen Eine Stadt: Spiel fuer Kinder (excerpt) (Gagarin Records)
Bruno Spoerri - Gluckskugel (from 'Gluckskugel' LP, Finders Keepers)
Belbury Poly - Wetlands (from 'The Owl's Map' CD, Ghost Box)
Xylitol - Marike (Pierogii-Disc) (from 'Functionary' CD, available via or from
Yamashirube - Helmet Chakuyou Waltz (from ' Yuki-Onna Ni Ai Ni I Ku' CD, Subjective-Spirit-Sound)
Zombi - Digitalis (12", Static Caravan)
Noxagt - The Impious One (from 'Noxagt' CD, Load Records)
Mark Lane - The Reflection (flexi 7" Artwerk Records)
Coolhaven - Die Gunst Der Natur (from 'Stromblocque Phantasien' CD Taple / Stora)