Tuesday, October 18, 2005


next kosmische club night is on the 29TH OCTOBER at the old blue last, 39 great eastern street, ec2. starting 8pm, until chucking out time.

kosmische musik, krautrock, ndw, minimal electronic pop, sun ra, can, boredoms, daf, der plan, german art students shouting urgently and incomprehensibly over badly recorded casiotone rhythms, stuff like that.

come along, it's free.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Playlist for DJ Tango-Mango - 11th October 2005

Playlist for DJ Tango-Mango on the Kosmische Club radio show on Resonance 104.4FM, 11th October 2005

Tango-Mango's stitch in times saves none.

  • Electrelane - "The Partisan" (Axes CD, Too Pure 2005)
  • Burning Idiot Noise - "Kill The Thing" (E Is The Closest Chord To Ohm CD, Superb 2005)
  • Ectogram - "Small Things Crawling" (Electric Deckchair 2CD, Ankst 2005)
  • Aranos - "Silver Goats" (Throat Clearance CD, Pieros 2005)
  • Animal Collective - "The Purple Bottle" (Feels CD, FatCat 2005)
  • S/T - "The Boy Who Cannot Whistle" (<<>
  • Collectif Met(z) - "Ecouter le Poisson" (Faust Collectif Met(z) 1996-2005 boxed set, Recommended 2005)
  • Quintron & Miss Pussycat - "Swamp Buggy Badass" (Swamp Tech CD, Trans Solar 2005)
  • ALU - "Camarillo Boogie" (Autismenschen CD, C.I.P. 2005)
  • Stereolab - "Heavy Denim" (Oscillons From the Anti-sun boxed set, Duophonic UHF Disks/Too Pure 2005)
  • Lightning Bolt - "Magic Mountain" (Hypermagic Mountain CD, Load 2005)

In the background: selections from Herbus K Dubington's Music For Bees CD, Dubington 2005, and Einstürzende Neubauten's Musterhaus #2 - Unglaublicher Laerm CD.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

4th October 2005

Pete Woodhead's Mellow Fruitfulness:

Snap Sail – Tod Dockstader – Electronic (Boosey & Hawks Library 1979)
Haackula 10 – Bruce Haack – (Unreleased 1978)
Ecstasy – New Order (Factory 1983)
Funky Lovers – Piero Piccioni (Right Tempo 1998)
Corporal Cloud – Big Block 454 (CDR Demo 2004)
You Were There with Me – Four Tet (Domino 2005)
G – 3 Insemination – 23 Skidoo (Boutique 2003)
Nightcrawler – Eardrum (Leaf 1999)
Dafodils – Moocha (CDR Demo 2005)
Going Unconscious – Brain Eno (Ryko 2005)
And Then So Clear – Brain Eno (Ryko 2005)
Elapse H.I.A -– (Beyond 1995)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

20th September

Mink Pelican, Pete Woodhead, Jim Backhaus + Ken Hollings played:

Heldon - zind destruction
Ilitch - programme A
Biting Tongues - Evening State
Sun City Girls - x+y=fuck you
Bobby Beausoleil + Freedom Orchestra - Lucifer Rising Part one
Slava Tsukerman (from Liquid Sky OST) - Word Play
Duotronic Synterror - Phantasie
Felix kubin - Matki Wandalki
Chris Carter - Electrodub 2
Klaus Schultze - study for Philip K Dick
human league - dignity of labour part one
hans edler - out of the body
ennio morricone - robodog
zodiac - zodiac
big block 454 - corporal cloud
kingdom come - time captives
Skullflower - Saturn
die ratten - das lied om totalen
der plan - da vorne steht ne ampel
Hyatari - harvestung sod
blue cheer - gypsy wizard
stereolab - i was a sunny rainphase


06/09/05 Pete Woodhead’s Uptown Apocalypse:
Intro: Too Many Trees In The Forest – Totally Unknown!
Take The Tension High – Popol Vuh (Cicada 1986)
Apples – Moocha (Demo LP ‘The Electrician’s Unicorn’ 2005)
El Monte - Delia Gonzalez And Gavin Russom (DFA 2004)
B-36– Mobeius (Sky - 1983)
Uptown Apocalypse – BEF (Virgin 1981)
Barnowl – Caribou (Leaf 2005)
The Uses of Literacy – Big Block 454 (Promo LP ‘Their Coats Flapped Like Gods Chops’ 2004)
Happy New – Now (Promo LP ‘A New CD by Now’ Demo 2004)
Peter The Pill (1970) –Twink (Get Back 1999)
Red Hot Indians – Can (Re-Masters Mute 2005)
Metsan Henget – Circle (Ektro 2004)
Seeland –Neu! (Gronland EMI 2001)
Balthus Bemused By Colour - Harold Budd (Land Records 1988)

Tango-Mango on 30 August 2005
Tango-Mango realises that everything old is new again, and the new is
getting older as we listen.

Volcano The Bear - "Sharp As The Queen's Teeth" (Catonpotato CD,
Digitalis/Broken Face 2005)
Christine 23 Onna - "Top Of Spot" (Acid Eater, 200.)
Kinski - "Fell Asleep On Your Lawn" (Kinski/Acid Mothers Temple split
album, Sub Pop 2003)
Burning Idiot Noise - "Kill The Thing" (E Is The Closest Chord To Ohm
CD, Superb 2005)
Mingo - "Once And Future World" (Once And Future World CD, Helmet Room 2005)
Velma - "Metropolis" (La Pointe Farinet 2949m CD, Monopsone CD 2005)
Animal Collective - "Flesh Canoe" (Feels CD, FatCat 2005)
Alexander Tucker - "Sung Into Your Brightening Skull" (Old Fog CD, ATP
Recordings 2005)
The Gris Gris - "Down With Jesus" (For The Season CD, Birdman 2005)
S/T - "My New Mobile" (S/T CD, Klangbad 2004)
Stereolab - "Heavy Denim" (Oscillons From The Anti-Sun 3CD box,
Duophonic/Too Pure 2005)
ALU - "Bitte Warten Sie!" (Autismenschen CD, CIP 2005)
Bergheim 34 - "Oscillations" (It's Not For You As It Is For Us CD, Klang
Elektronik 2003)
Mingo - "Complex Refraction" (Once And Future World CD, Helmet Room 2005)
Steamboat Switzerland - "Little Wolf" (Live CD, Unit 1998)
Can - "Future Days" (Future Days CD, Spoon/Mute 2005)
Salvatore - "Get The Kids On The Street, It's A Party" (Fresh CD, Racing
Junior 2001)
Mingo - "Hollow Ascension" (Once And Future World CD, Helmet Room 2005)
Acid Mothers Temple - "Demons From Nipples"(extract) (Demons From
Nipples CD, Vivo 2005)

Mink Pelican Shoots the Moon 16.08.05
Sensorite Speech Background - Brian Hodgson
Dressed in Black - Ulver
The Coming of the Other One - Twink
Star Hill - Skullflower
Imhotep's folly - Morgen und Nite
A Fistful of Dustmites - Stella Maris Drone Orchestra
The Desert of Lapping Dogs pt 6 - Little Wet Horse
Mastadon - Rustic Hinge
Aethenor - Deep in Ocean Sunk the Lamp of LIght (IV)
A Slip in the Marylebone Rd - Coil
Raagnagrok - Ragapax 0707 pt 1
Great Silkie - The Trees
Kivi Murenee Jolla Kavelee - Lau Nau
Excerpt of unknown track - Mount Vernon Astral Tempel

09 08 05 Jim Backhaus played
Cluster - Dem Wanderer (from 'Soweisoso' Sky Records)
Andreas Dorau - Club Sonnenbankwende (Schlammpeitziger's Everything Without All Inclusive Remix) (from 'Sonig Irregular #1' Sonig)
CoH - For Whom the Dell Falls (from 'Iron' Wavetrap)
The Man From Uranus - Tape Rewind (6 track 7", Strange Lights)
Brezel Goring + Felix Kubin - Loved But Fired Butt (Surprise Records)
FSK - Ostblock Girl (from 'Sturmer' Zick-Zack)
Evil Moisture - Gak (excerpt) (LP)
The Homosexuals - Mitsu at the Controls (from 'Astral Glamour' 3CD, Messthetics)
Augsburger Tafelconfect - Ferfahrer Uberaschungstute (from 'Ultra Eczma' CD)
Henry Cow - Beginning: The Long March (from 'In Praise of Learning' ReR Megacorp)
Unit - Rocket # 9 (CDR)
Hematic Sunsets - Orientierung (from 'Zu Gast Im Aroma Club' Klang der Festung)
Antifamily - Law of the Plainsmen (from v/a 'Game & Errancy' Difficult Fun)
Crawling Chaos - Left Hand Path (from 'The Gas Chair' LTM)
Din A Testbild - No Repeat (from v/a 'Berlin Super 80' MonitorPop)
Malaria! - Geld (from v/a 'Berlin Super 80' MonitorPop)
Reifenstahl - Der Westenfuchs (from 'Die Wunderwaffe' Ink Records)
Yvan + Lendl - Tanz Mit Draculina (from v/a 'Stora Compilation' nNeon)
Jean Bach - Einen Traum Fur Deise Welt (from 'Einen Traum fur Deise Welt' LP
Unit - One Life (CDR)
This Heat - Testcard (Cold Storage, 1980)
This Heat - SPQR (Cold Storage, 1980)
Andreas Dorau - Sommer In Dornrosental (from v/a 'Lieber Zuviel Als Zuwenig, Sommerhits' Zick Zack)
Raymond Scott - various tracks from a flexidisc
Gareth Williams + Marie Goyette - Restless Mind (from 'Flaming Tunes' cassette)
Alejandro + Underwood - The Tale of Pip (from 'Goodiebag 11t' v/vm test recordings)
Richard Youngs - Fountain of Light (from 'River Through Howling Sky' Jagjaguwar)


NO NECK BLUES BAND....The Natural Bridge.
ANIMAL COLLECTIVE....April and the Phantom.
GANG GANG DANCE....Dancehall.
LCD SOUNDSYSTEM....Yr Citys a Sucker.
FOETUS....Dont want me anymore.
GANG GANG DANCE....Nomad for Love.
BLACK DICE....Miles of Smiles.
DOUBLE LEOPARDS....the Forest Outlaws.

Playlist for the Kosmische radio show on Resonance 104.4FM, 19th July 2005
Tango-Mango's sideways slide into the abyss continues...

Damo Suzuki's Network - "Parfum" (Hollyaris 2CD, Indigo 2005)
Permanent Fatal Error - "Nord" (Law Speed CD, Wallace Records 2005)
Can - "Dizzy Dizzy" (Soon Over Babluma CD, Spoon/Mute 2005)
Kinski - "The Snowy Parts Of Scandinavia" (Alpine Static CD, Sub Pop 2005)
Mingo - "Between The Wave" (The Once And Future World CD, Helmet R00m 2005)
Man From Uranus - "Satellite link To Sun Ra" (Wild Moogimals EP, Strange
Lights 2005)
Kraftwerk - "Radioactivity (live)" (Minimum-Maximum 2CD, EMI 2005)
ALU - "Funkturm" (Autismenschen CD, C.I.P. 2005)
Phylr - "Where" ([Aabzu/Phylr] The Shape Of Lost Things CD, Simple Logic 2005)
Stereolab - "Jenny Ondioline (Alternate Version)" (Oscillons From the Anti-sun
boxed set, Duophonic UHF Disks/Too Pure 2005)
Herbus K Dubington - "Winter flight" (Music For Bees CD, Dubington 2005)
Stella Maris Drone Orchestra - "Fistful Of Dustmites" (rehearsal MP3, 2005)
Cul de Sac - "Tailing The Strangler" (The Strangler's Wife OST CD, Strange
Attractors Audio House 2003)
Marble Sheep - "The Interval Of Recollections And Memory" (The Gate Of A
Heavenly Body CD, Fünfundvierzig 2005)
Acid Mothers Temple And The Cosmic Inferno - "5 Seconds Demon" (Demons From
Nipples CD, Vivo 2005)
S/T - "Apocalypse" (<< REW 4CD, Save Our Sperms 2003)
Junkboy - "This Is Our Music (This Is My Remix by Valgeir Sigmundson) (Lost
Parade CD, Enraptured 2005)

Pete Woodhead's Heat Rash - 12/07/05
Tyolaisten Laulu– Circle (Klangbad 2002)
They Sounded - Ausgang (Foundry Recordings 1999)
Track 03 – Now + Damo Suzuki (Promo 2005)
Hallogallo–NEU! (EMI 1972/2001)
Barn Owl–Caribou (Leaf 2005)
NNN (German)– The Conet Project (Iridal 1997)
Dizzy Dizzy– Can (Spoon/Mute 2005)
Conditionierer – Moebius & Plank (Sky 1985)
The Red House–David Byrne (Sire 1981)
Chip and Roll – Silicon Teens (Mute1979)
Music Non Stop (Moscow) - Kraftwerk (EMI 2005)
Kristallo – Ralph & Florian (Vertigo 1973)
Slightly Delayed – Ashra (Virgin 1977)
Red Hot Indians – Can (Spoon/Mute 2005)
Full Moon On The Highway – Can (Spoon/Mute 2005)

Frances May Morgan - 05.07.05
Baikonour - Like Loukoum
Alva Noto - funkbugfx
Richard Youngs - Airs Of The Ear
Sunroof! - Glycerine
Can - Chain Reaction
Baikonour - Coltan anyone?
August born - Dead Bird Blues
Pelican - Last Day Of Winter
Avarus - Keskimmaisen silmasta
Stronen/Storlokken - Dance!
Ellen Allien - Ghost Train
Kraftwerk - Vitamins (live)
Fischerpsooner - Vision Creation Newsun
Delia Gonzales and Gavin Russom - El Monte

jim backhaus 28/06/05
felix kubin - copernicus (live at pocketclub, barcelona, 17-06-05)
michel waiswisz - steve's pipe (for steve lacy) (sonig)
the complainer - photonew (mik.musik)
shex - 6689 (19-t)
'syndicat fur gegenlaerm' (excerpts)
sensorama - star escalator (kompakt)
robert ashley - automatic writing (excerpts)
jacques palminger - deutsche frau (gagarin)
brezel goering - chez le dentiste (gagarin)
hanatarash - megatronix (cdr)
omoide hatoba - theme from the ghost mountains (birdman)
siegfried sasse + signale - orbit swing (from 'kosmos: soundtracks to east germany's adventures in space')(cinesounds)
nini raviolette - suis je normale? (from v/a 'so young but so cold') (crammed discs)
people like us - oompah poompah (mp3)
palais schaumburg - aschenbecher (zick-zack)
bbc radiophonic workshop - the fish people: incidental music (from 'doctor who sessions') (mute)
hematic sunsets - trauergondelparadies
andreas dorau - die welt ist schlecht (ata-tak)
kevin blechdom - going to sleep (from 'eat my heart out') (chicks on speed records)
roxy music - 2hb (locked groove)
hanatarash - 5: we are 0:00 (shock city/trattoria)
kazumoto endo - untitled (charnel house)
live synth noodling
the carpenters - calling occupants of interplanetary craft (a&m)
kevin harrison - water (ambivalent scale)
ilitch - no answer (from '10 suicides') (scopa-invisible)
linda perhacs - parallelograms (wild places)
arcane device - engine of myth (recommended records)
hecker - sun pandaemonium (excerpts) (mego)
dj eye live excerpts (mp3)
ruth hohmann & erbe chor - das licht (part II) (from 'kosmos: soundtracks to east germany's adventures in space') (cinesounds)
brecht-eisler - la front des travailleurs (mp3)
circle - nopeuskuningas (from 'sunrise') (ektro)

Leo Avanti's The Beginning is Nigh 21.6.05
Delia Derbyshire: Blue Veils and Shifting Sands (Mute)
Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom: Rise (DFA mix)
Oneida: The Beginning is Nigh (R Trade)
Pharoah Overload: Journey (Riot Season)
Deuce: I am a Tiger of Asia (mik.musik)


Bronnt Industries Kapital : Valmara 69 (Static Caravan)
Sunnyvale Noise Sub-Element: How Spiderman was Tricked by his Wife (Sunnyvale)
Sculpture: Kitten on the Keys (demo)
Antifamily: Law of the Plainsmen (Difficult Fun)
Brian Eno: Needle in the Camel's Eye (EG)
EU: Turn (Dars)
Port Royal: Karola Bloch (Resonant)
Salvatore: Hefe (Racing Junior)
Franco Battiato: Propriedad Privada (EMI)
Passierzettel: Chinese Novel (www.passierzettel.de)
Mr Hubba (tk2, demo)
Cosey: Selflessness (Part One)
mixed with
MECHA ORGA: track 2 (demo)

playlist for fourteenth of June '05.


THE RESIDENTS....Smelly Tongues.
EDDIE HENDERSON....Mars in Libra.
HENRY COW....Nirvana for mice.
KING CRIMSON....Larks tongues in Aspic part 2.
THE RESIDENTS....Infant Tango.

SAND....on the Corner.
BRAST BURN....A,part one.
KARUNA KHYAL....A,parts one & two.

DJ Tango-Mango on the threshold of the crack of doom, 7.6.05
Circle-"Empire" (Empire LP, Riot Season 2004)
Vertonen - "A Glimpse Of The Oasis" (Return Of The Interrobang CD, C.I.P
The 2012 Show - "Captain" (Alpha And Omega CD, no label 2005)
Jeans Team - "Nonstop Nonstop Nonstop" (Musik von Oben CD, Louisville 2005)
S.Y.P.H - "Marmelade" (Ungerhorsam 2CD, Glitterhouse 2004)
ALU - "Bitte Warten Sie!" (Autismenschen CD, C.I.P. 2005)
Sand - "May Rain" (Ultrasonic Seraphim 2CD, United Durtro 1997)
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fruchttanz Und Artverwandte Orgien - "Sinnlicher
Aufruhr im Feuchten Refugium" (Fisch Zum Fruehstueck CD, Archegon 2004)
Bobby Conn & The Glass Gypsies - "We're Taking Over The World" (The
Homeland CD, Thrill Jockey 2004)
Alex Hacke - "Sister" (Sanctuary CD, Koolarrow 2005)
Green Milk From The Planet Orange - "OMGS" (City Calls Revolution CD,
Beta-Lactam Ring Records 2005)
Merzbow - "Live Magnetism" (excerpt) (Live Magnetism CD, Caminate 2003)
Faust - "Liebeswehen 3 (Schiphorst 1997)" (unreleased live recording)
Silence featuring Anne Clark - "Hall Of Mirrors" (Trans-Slovenia Express
2, Mute 2005)
Coil - " A Slip in The Marylebone Road" (... And The Ambulance Died In His Arms CD, Threshold House 2005)
Hellfish - "Wolfman" (One Man Sonic Attack Force CD, Planet-Mu 2005)
Oren Marshall - "5" (Introduction To The Story Of Spedy Sponda/Part One:
In A Silent Room CD, Slowfoot 2005)

31/05/05 Pete Woodhead¹s Wonky Section:
Doctor Who : Original Theme ­ Delia Derbyshire (Mute 2005)

Rheinita ­ La Düsseldorf (Straud 1978)

You Yesyesyes Again ­ The Residents (Ralph 1977)

Telstar ­ Portsmouth Sinfonia (Phillips 1979)

Ridin¹ In The Wind ­ The Tornandos (RGM 1963/Castle 2002)

Musak from Time In Advance ­ John Baker (Mute 2005)

Take It All/ The Evening¹s Young ­ Yello (Ralph 1981)

Musik Non - Stop ­ Kraftwerk (EMI 1991)

Elektro Kardiogramm ­ Kraftwerk (EMI 2003)

Gaesteliste ­ Einsturzende Neubauten (Mute 2000)

Zambezi Dance ­ Eddie Harris (Atlantic 1972)

Luikertelevat Lahoavat ­ Circle (Ektro 2004)

Once Upon A Time In The West ­ The Human League (Black Melody 2002)

Sex Machine ­ The Flying Lizards (Statik 1984)

Superbad ­ LB (Form & Function 1999)

I¹m Too Leise ­ Can (Spoon 1976)

Cloud Chamber ­ David Byrne (Sire 1981)

Of Silent Crossings - Terrace Of Memories (Projekt 1992)

24th May 2005 Frances May Morgan
Pit er Pat: Gated Community
Lau Nau: Kuula
Black Mountain: No Hits
Om: Kapila's Theme
Josephine Foster & The Supposed: Well-heeled Men
Oneida: Heavenly Choir
Scatter: The Last Words Of Kid Pharaoh
Broken Blackbird Ensemble: track 12 from 'Gadzooks!'
E+s=b: Milkshake
Morgen Und Nite: Neon Burning Core
James Welburn: End
Zali Krishna: Kababa
Ellen Allien: Ghost Train

17th MAY 2005 Jim Backhaus

COIL....Tiny Golden Books.
BLACK DICE....Endless Happiness.
GANG GANG DANCE....Intro/Glory in Itself/Egyptian.
JIMI TENOR....Paint the Stars.
BOARDS OF CANADA....Kid for Today.
FOETUS....Chirrosis of the Heart.
STEROID MAXIMUS....Aclectasis.
AUTECHRE....Eidetic Casein.
EXCEPTER....Shattered Skull.
JIMI TENOR....Better than Ever.
NURSE WITH WOUND/IRR.APP.(EXT.)....3rd track from "Angry Eelectric Finger 3".

03.05.05 Leo Avanti's Late Night In
Dr Who soundtracks: Sea Devils tk. 16 (Mute Grey Area)
Supernumeri: Beaks (Ninja Tune)
The Spacious Mind: Rotvalta (Countryman)
Caribou: Bees (Leaf)
Humcrush: Marked East (Rune Gramofon)
Liaisons Dangereuses: Etre Assis ou Dancer (Hit Thing)
Stereolab: Long Love Life (Duophonic)
Quickspace: Song for Someone (Kitty-Kitty)
Fennesz: City of Light (Touch)
Pharoah Overlord: Test Flight (Riot Season)
Electrelane: Bells (Too Pure)
Psapp: Rear Moth (Arable)
Circle: Luikertelevat Lahoavat (Ekto)
Agitation Free: Laila Il (Spalax)
Eroc: Des Zauberers Traum (Universal)
Sunburned Hand of the Man: Grass Boot (Spirit of Orr)
Man from Uranus: Assassination Attempt (MFU)
Irr.app.(ext.) Ozeanische Gefühle

Playlist for Tango-Mango on the (post)Katholische-Kosmische Club radio show on Resonance 104.4FM, 26th April 2005
Holger Czukay - "Blessed Easter" (Rome Remains Rome LP, Virgin 1987)
Zappi W Diermaier "Hamburg Waltzer"(I Spin bonus CD from Impressions
DVD, Zick Zack/Hit Thing 2005)
Pharoah Overlord - "Journey" (#3 CD, Riot Season 2005)
Harmonia - "Dino" (Kraut Rock CD compilation, Polydor 2005)
Main - "Counterglow" (Mort Aux Vaches CD, Staalplaat 2000)
Faust - "Mamie Is Blue" (So Far CD, Polydor 2005)
Strange Attractor - "Five Below Nothing" (Rorschach LP, Music For
Speakers 2005)
Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore - "Kleiner Finger" (Geisterfaust CD, Wonder
Cul de Sac - "Bamboo Rockets, Half Lost In Nothingness, Searching For An Inch Of Sky" (Death Of The Sun CD, Strange Attractors Audio House 2003)
Aranos - "Bering Sea" (extract) (Bering Sea CD, Pieros CD 2005)
Wilco Botermans - "Frenzy Part One" (Theretology CD, Cafe Theatre Borra
Stella Maris Drone Orchestra - untitled rehearsal recording (unreleased
Sunray - "Forever One" (Retrospective In Stereo LP, Enraptured 2005)
Acid Mothers Temple And The Melting Paraiso UFO - "At Bel Canta"
(Minstrel In The Galaxy CD, Riot Season 2004)
Ramp - "Saint Ockwell" (Saint Ockwell/After The Flood 7", Enraptured 2005)
Gold Chains - "Rock The Parti" (Gold Chains EP, PIAS 2001)
3000,000 V.K. - "Also Sprach Johann Paul II." (Also Sprach Johann Paul
II CD, A.M.D.G 1996)

19/04/05 Pete Woodhead¹s Soundtrack To A Deep Bath
Everything Is Under Control ­ Simon Boswell (Milan 1990)
Strip Tease ­ Alain Goraguer (Pema Music 1973)
Paint It Black ­ Circle (Tumult 2003)
Reality Of Matter ­ The Tape Beatles (Public Works 1999)
Never Be Alone ­ Simian: Mobile Disco Remix (Source UK 2002)
Angie ­ db (Form and Function 1999)
The Bogus Man ­ Roxy Music (Virgin 1973)
Half Past One ­ Can (Spoon/Mute 2004)
Electric Guitar ­ Talking Heads (Sire 1979)
Second Coming ­ Christian Marclay (Atavistic Records 1997)
Düsseldorf ­ La Düsseldorf (Teldec 1976)
Autobahn (Excerpt) - Kraftwerk (EMI 1974)
Rapsodia Stellare ­ Piero Umiliani (Easy Tempo 2000)
The Apartment ­ Giorgio Moroder (Polydor 1980)
Bathtime ­ Malcolm Clarke (BBC Legends 2002)
Open ­ Fire - Einsturzende Neubauten ­ (Mute 2001)
Youme & Meyou - Einsturzende Neubauten (Mute 2004)
O Yuki Conjugate ­ Flute Cloud (Staalplaat 1996)
Gil Melle ­ Henogenesis (Kapp Records 1971)

12 April 2005 Mink Pelican: Tripping Out on the London Underground
Now - lalala song (unknown CD track)
Little Princess Orchestra - Beginning of the end
Radio 9 - "2"
Thor's Helmet - So that's what a pulsar sounds like
Amal Gamal Ensemble- Goed & Brang (Guinea Pig 6 CD)
SMDO - Fleet 2 (Rehearsal, March 2005)
Morgen & Nite - Ketamine Blues (Demo CD)
Grok - Nasty Grokchick (Feb 05 rehearsal recording)
Sculpture - Zon (Sculpture CD)
Davrichmarbarian - Invisible Man (Live at the Foundry sometime in 2002)
Melek Taus III - Scaledown (rehearsal nov 2004)
Man From Uranus - The lights are on at the moonbase (Moon Music CD)
Sons of Silence - Pocket Astral Navigator (excerpt)

Jim Backhaus 5th april 05
Boris and Merzbow - Headronefish (Inoxia)
Total - Tapestry (VHF)
Deep Listening Band - Balloon Payment (New Albion)
Hecker - Quantum Spark Reality (Mego)
Roxy Music - 2HB (Polydor)
Conrad Schnitzler - Rot (Plate Lunch)
Laddio Bolocko - The Going Gone (No Quarter)
Comus - Song to Comus (BGO)
Lemon Kittens - They Are Both Dirty (Illuminated)
Martin Archer - Angelus Vander (Discus)
Popol Vuh - In Den Garten Pharaos (Pilz)
Alcatraz - Where The Wild Things Are (Long Hair Music)
Magma - Troller Tanz (Charly)
Konono 1 - Paradiso (Crammed Discs)

29/03/05 Pete Woodhead Hid His Eostre Eggs:
Vulture 1 ­ Sand (UDOR 1996)
Oscillations ­ Silver Apples (MCA 2002)
Havuporti ­ Circle (Ektro 2004)
Wajis - :zoviet*france: (Charrm 1984)
Architecture Ist Geiselnahme ­ Einsturzende Neubauten (Mute 2001)
Machine Dance ­ Pierre Henry (Philips 1973)
Show Me That You¹re Mine ­ Mocky (Diamondtraxx 2004)
June 20 ­ Nurse With Wound (ICR/United Dairies 2004)
Lamentation - Alain Presencer (Saydisc 1981)
Shepherd¹s Song - Alain Presencer (Saydisc 1981)
Nova Wave/Metron Wave- The Octagon Man (DC 2003)
Phone Bashing ­ Felix Kubin (Diamondtraxx 2004)
Three Piece Swing ­ Stephen Mallinder (Fetish 1982)
Superbike - Fat Truckers (International DeeJay Gigolo 2003)
Losing My Edge ­ LCD Sound System (Luaka Bop 2003)
Harmonia ­ Walky Talky (Brain 1975)
Hot On The Heels of Love ­ Throbbing Gristle (Industrial 1978)

BLACK DICE....Seabird.
EXCEPTER....See your Son.
ANIMAL COLLECTIVE....Another White Singer(little white glove).
NO NECK BLUES BAND....Assignment Subud.
BLACK DICE....Skeleton.
DOUBLE LEOPARDS....A Hemisphere in your Hair(edit).

Mink Pelican vs Steeple Remove Komsische show on Resonance FM 01.03.05
Man From Uranus * Medical Report
Chrome Hoof * Crystallisation Unit
Steeple Remove * Dans la Solitude des Grands Rayons Lumineux
Mother Sky (out take?) * Can
Robert Wyatt * Pigs
Psychic TV * Unclean
Butthole Surfers * Whirling Hall of Knives
Chrome Hoof * Nordic Curse
W Cleon Skonsen * LSD: Battle for the Mind (excerpts) diluted with:
Steeple Remove * Monster Movies
Steeple Remove * Vital Sassoon
Thai Elephant Orchestra * Ganesha Triumphant
Grok * Sickness
Man From Uranus vs Adrian Benson * Space Jewellry 3
Amon Duul * Love Is Peace

Jim Backhaus, 22nd Feb 2005:

T.O.L.L. - Westwarts (Vinyl-On-Demand)
My Robot Friend - I Am The Robot (Proptronix)
Pyrolator - Gold und Silber (Ata-Tak)
Intertecsupabrainbeatzroomboyz - Xenakiss (Nneon / Stora)
Asja Auf Capri - Licht (Difficult Fun)
Head Resonance Company - [untitled] (Vinyl-On-Demand)
Les Vampyrettes - Mentekel (EMI)
Sprung Aus Den Wolken - Tanzen Stampfen Laufen (Vinyl-On-Demand)
Asmus Tietchens - Poanpo (Die Stadt)
Der Plan -Die Grotte Der Olme (Ata-Tak)
Spiders On Phasing - The Scorpions' Studio Outtakes part 5 (Gagarin)
Palais Schaumburg - Eine Geschichte (Phonogram)
Exkurs - Besegung (Karrusell)
Asja Auf Capri - 7 (Difficult Fun)
Head Resonance Company - [untitled] (Vinyl-On-Demand)
The Gasman - Trampoline (Planet Mu)
Felix Kubin - Too Technical (A-Musik)
Workshop - Pollux (Sonig)
Die Todliche Doris - Avon Garde (Wave)
Der Plan - Da Vorne Steht Ne Ampel (Ata-Tak)
Schlammpeitziger - ClubSunbed (Sonig)
Der Plan - Oh,Oh,Oh (Ata-Tak)
Pyrolator - Du Bist So... Ich Traume (Ata-Tak)
Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle - Was Kostet die Welt (ZickZack)
Helgoland - Devil's Own (Storage/Stora)
Hermann Kopp Japsynth (Vinyl-On-Demand)
Die Todliche Doris - Haare Im Mund (Wave)
Frederik Schikowski - Kreissegmente (Muysic For Peoples)
Asja Auf Capri - ABC's Elan (Difficult Fun)
Xao Seffcheque - Happy New Wave (ZickZack)
Stockhausen - Helikopter-Streichquartett (WDR/Montaigne)

Leo Avanti's playlist FEB 15
Boredoms: super are you (birdman)
The Chap: I got flattened by a Pig Farmer (Lo)
Der Plan:Wir Werden Immer Mehr (Atatak)
Krupps: Wahre Arbeit, wahrer Lohn (Atatak)
The Wirtschaftswunder: Ich Liebe Metall (Atatak)
Eroc: Chaotic Reaction (von Eroc1) (Universal)
Loosers: Way (demo)
Can: Outside my Dor (Spoon)
Steeple Remove: Vidal Sassoon (3rd side)
Moebius + Beerbohm: Minimotion (Sky)
Crcle: Luikartelevat (Ektro)
Faust: The Sad Head (Tableofthe Elements)
Psapp: Rear Moth (Arable)
Reuter/Boddy: Clearing (DIN)
Klaus Schulze: Velvet Voyage (Tora/SPV)

Playlist for DJ Tango-Mango on the Kosmische Club radio show, 8th February 2005
With special guest Jean-Hervé Peron

Interview with Jean-Herve Peron

Faust -"So Far"
Jean-Hervé Peron - "It's A Bit Of A Pain" (live 2000)
Project Peron/Berg - "Tuxax" (live in the studio)
Faust - "Giggy Smile"
Faust - "Meadow Meal"
Stereolab/Nurse With Wound - "Animal Or Vegetable (A Wonderful Wooden Reason)"
Faust - "It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl"
Ectogram - "J'ai Mal Aux Dents"
Project Peron/Berg - "Oscilations" (live in the studio)
Project Peron/Berg - "Rigoureusment Vôtre" (live in the studio)
Nurse With Wound - "Simple Headphone Mind"

Leo Avanti!'s Pinch/Punch First of the Month Battle with Bacteria - 1/2/05
The Music Liberation front: All the Colours Are You (Saasfee)
Large Number: Earth has Shrunk in the Wash (White Label Records)
Blutt: Canapé (V2)
Asja Auf Capri: Contre Temps (Difficult Fun)
Pat Riot: Who's Afraid (of the red white and blue) (White Label
Le Charmant Rouge: Hallo Schneider (Karate Joe)
Steeple Remove: Banana (V2)
Hinterlandt: Mehrgegenwårter (Alias Frequencies)
Now We Got Members: The Secrets of This City (Metronomicon)
Circle: [excerpt from] Empire (Riot Season)
Prey: Grey Owl's Tongue (label unknown)
Guapo: [excerpt from] Five Suns Part 2
Los Natas: Tomaiten (Elektrohasch)
Sunburned Hand of the Man: [excerpt from] tk 1 from the purple album
the skull + crossbones on it
Robotobibok: 1000000 lat gwarancji
Man From Uranus: Assassination Attempt (demo)
SPAX: [excerpt from] Somewhat Loungey (tk1) (demo)
Franco Battiato: Summer on a Solitary Beach (EMI)
My Cat is an Alien: [excerpt from] Winter Will Burn Out Your Wings
Mitten: Billy's Got a Bear Paw (demo)
Triosk: [excerpt from] Tomorrow Today (Part 1) (Leaf)
Arctone: [excerpt from] refuse (demo)
Tuk: tk 7 (Kraak)
Ka: [excerpt from] VII (demo)
Augst-Knüppel-Schnitt: [excerpt from] track 1 (untitled cd)
Ear and Delia: Sychrondipity Machine (White Label Records)

Mink Pelican's Return to Titan 18.01.05
Pt 1: Titan Awakes

* Nurse With Wound - Root Canal Splinter [Penetration Mix] (United
* Guapo - Black Oni #3 (Ipecac)
* Circle - Tyolaisten Laulu (Klangblad)
* Six Organs of Admittance - School of the Flower (Drag City)
* Hamilton Yarns - Teeth as You Sleep (?)
* High Tide - Death Warmed Up (EMI/Phantom)
* Davie Allen & The Arrows - Cycledelic (Shock)
* 3 Hur El - Lagozlu (?)

Pt 2: Subterranea Titanica...

* Growing - Anaheim II (Kranky)
* Drew Mulholland - Open Window Unit (Tron)
* Boris - the Evil One That Weeps (Misanthropic Agenda)
* Tucker Martine / Dragonflies - Particle Swarm Intelligence (Sublime
* Angus Maclise - Astral Collapse (Quakebasket)
* Stunt's Blue Leg Expedition - Caves of Her Mind (?)
* Bird Show - All Afternoon Pt 2 [Dawn of the Dead] (Kranky)
* MV & EE - Where is the Transcendental Thana? (Idea)

11th january 2005: jim backhaus plays:
sunroof! - viva (vhf)
kevin harrison - water (cherry red)
p1/e - dependence (vinyl-on-demand)
bruce haack - captain entropy (dimension 5)
felix kubin - mann wird konfisziert (a-musik)
lieutenant pigeon - opus 300 (decca)
chris mcgregor's brotherhood of breath - mra (neon)
the soft machine - we did it again (live in croydon, jan 4, 1970) (cuneiform)
james 'blood' ulmer - time out (rough trade)
egg - wring out the ground loosely now (virgin)
shex - stereo 23 (19-t)
klaus currywurst - fur konrad schnitzel (deutsche grammofon)
felix kubin - hit me, provider (a-musik)
palais schaumburg - rote lichter (zickzack)
kosmonautentraum - 1976-1981 (zickzack)
doctor mix and the remix - no fun (rough trade)
puyo puyo - stroke, hagen and rothman (gagarin)
die radierer - angriff auf's schlaraffenland (zickzack)
les vampyrettes - biomutanten (emi)
pierre henry - souffle 1 (from 'le voyage') (phillips)
anatole gerasimov / helena zvereva - me and my rhythm box (milan)
weltklang - hoffnung/sehrsucht (vinyl-on-demand)
achim reichel and machines - echo der gegenwart (polydor)
bbc radiophonic workshop - dalek hatching tanks on skaros / zygon spaceship control centre / the interior of xoanon / distillation chamber / assorted guns and fx (bbc enterprises)

Playlist for DJ Tango-Mango on the Kosmische Club radio show 4th January 2005
Tango-Mango meets Zali up the West End for an inauthentic Raga Jalfrezi

Spacemen 3 - "When Tomorrow Hits" (Recurring CD, Space Age Recordings, 2004)
Tony Conrad and Faust - "From The Side Of Woman And Mankind" (Outside The Dream Syndicate C, Table Of The Elements 1993)

---Zali plays Raga Jalfrezi live in the studio ---

Edward Ka-Spel - "O'Reilley's Comet" (O'er A Shalabast'r Tyde Strolt Ay LP,
Beta-Lactam Ring Records 2002)
S/T - "What happens, Happens" (Self-titled CD, Klangbad 2004)
Spectrum - "How You Satisfy Me" (Refractions 1989-97 CD, Space Age Recordings 2004)
Faust - "Wir Brauchen Dich #6" (Gel remix) (Wir Brauchen Dich EP, Klangbad 2001)
NEU! - "Isi" (NEU! 75 CD, EMI 2001)
Tarwater - "Her Body Is Alive" (Team Kitty-Yo CD anthology, Kitty-Yo 2004)
Holger Hiller "Egg" (Kitschfinger remix) (Demixed CD, Mute, 1992)
Futon - "I Wanna Be Your Dog" (Coil Mogadog remix) (I Wanna Be Your Dog EP, Rehab 2004)
DAF - "Greif Nach Den Sternen" (Gold Und Liebe CD, Mute 1998)
Pure - "Clad" (Noonbugs CD, Mego 2002)
S/T - "All Is well In Our World" (Self-titled CD, Klangbad 2004)
Acid Mothers Temple - "Daddy's Bare Meat" (Does The Cosmic Chepherd Dream Of The Electric Tapirs CD, Space Age Recordings 2004)
Edward Ka-Spel - "Shanti" (Pieces of Infinity CD, Beta-Lactam Ring Records 2004)

STEEPLE REMOVE....Untitled.(contact-www.steepleremove.free.fr)
C-BASS....Giant Squid.(contact-bizio9@yahoo.com)

UNDERGROWTH 7(1972-1973)

SUN RA....Discipline.
MILES DAVIS....Black Satin.
FLOH DE COLOGNE....Gonzales.

CAN....Future Days.
COSMIC JOKERS....Intergalactic Nightclub.
HERBIE HANCOCK....Raindance.
SUN RA....Perfect man.
NORMAN CONNERS....Twilight Zone.
THE RESIDENTS....Guylum Bardot.
FAUST....Exercise/Je Mal Aux Dents/Deuxieme Tableux.

Jim Backhaus and Tango-Mango make merry Yuletide while the sun doesn't shine
21st December 2004

Mendelsson and Laura W Aschkeit - "White Canary"
Laibach - "Mama Leone"
Centipede - "Septober Energy Part 2"
Aranos - "Instant Father"
Tom Rechion - "The Perpetual Motion Clock Factory"
Oleg Kostrov - "Gloomy"
The Lothars - "Oh Tannenbaum"
Woody Phillips - "Good King Wenceslas"
Butthole Surfers - "Good King Wenceslaus"
John Fahey - "Good King Wenceslas"
Woody Phillips - "Wassail Suite"
Corporal Blossom - "Little Drummer Boy"
They Came From The Stars I Saw Them - "Snow In Africa"
Holly Golightly - "Little Stars"
Eela Craig - "Birds Of A Feather"
The Moles - "We Are The Moles"
Kosmonautentraum - "Schattenboxen"
Buff Medways - "Merry Christmas Fritz"
S/T - "It's Hot"
Coil - "Christmas Is Drawing Near"
Sunroof! - "Pink Horses Sweat"

On 14/12/04 Pete Woodhead went Kristmas Krackers:
Ink Tank ­ John Came (Mute 1995)
Another Brown World ­ COIL (Sub Rosa 1989)
Party 2 ­ Faust (ReR Megacorp 1998)
Adventurine ­ Sculpture (Personal CDR 2004)
Sonderangebot ­ Neu! (EMI 1971)
Torture Sequence/Prison Talk Sequence- Lalo Schifrin (Warner Bros. 1970)
Drive By (Extract) ­ The Necks (ReR Megacorp 2004)
Something Spooked ­ zoviet*france (Tramway 2000)
Rhythm Salad ­Organisation (RCA/Victor 1970)
Tearing Up The Plans Pt1 ­ 23 Skidoo (Pineapple 1982)
No One Receiving ­ Brian Eno (Editions EG 1977)
Possessions ­ The Residents (Ralph 1980)
Love Leaks Out ­ The Residents (Ralph 1980)
Handful Of Desire­ The Residents (Ralph 1980)
Fuyuz ­ Add N to [X] (Mute 1999)
Funky Little Song ­ Bruce Haack & Esther Nelson (Emperor Norton 1999)
Psalter ­ Faust (ReR Megacorp 1998)
The 12 Days of Christmas ­ Winston Tong (Crepescule 1981)
Vitamin C ­ Can (Spoon/Mute Re-masters 2004)

Tango-Mango is surrounded by the stars - December 7th 2004
Boredoms - "Vison Creation New Sun (track 5)"
Black Moth Super Rainbow - "I Think It Is Beautiful That You Are 256 Colors
Amon Düül II - "Surrounded By The Stars"
Amon Düül II - "All The Year Round"
Amon Düül II - "Eye Shaking King"
Amon Düül II - "Wie Der Winde Am Ende Eine Strasse"
Amon Düül II - "Kanaan"
Amon Düül II - "Mirror"
Amon Düül II - "Sandoz In The Rain"

Interview with Amon Düül II between tracks

Frances May Morgan - 30.11.04
Arthur Russell - Let's Go Swimming
Tusk - Ursus Arctos
Onieda - Caesar's Column
Black Dice remixed by Yamatsuka Eye - Endless Happiness
Sightings - Sugar Sediment
John Cale/Terry Riley - Church of Anthrax
Comets on Fire - Antlers of the Midnight Sun
Six Organs of Admittance - Words for Two
Richard Youngs - Fountain of Light
The Thing - Haunted
Ana da Silva - Lighthouse
Pelican - The Woods
Arnold Dreybless - Side Band
Asja Auf Capri - Im Neuland

jim backhaus - 23.11.04
For John Balance.

Coil and Nurse With Wound - How To Destroy Angels
Coil - The Mothership and the Fatherland
Coil presents Time Machines - 7-Methoxy Carboline
Coil versus Elph - Worship The Glitch (various tracks)
Coil - The Restitution of Decayed Intelligence
Coil - The Last Rites of Spring
Coil - Amethyst Deceivers
Coil presents Time Machines - 5-Methoxy-4-Ethyl-Methamphetamine
Elph - Zwolf
Coil - Sex With Sun Ra (part 1 - Saturnalia)
Coh and John Balance - Silence is Golden
Coil - Titan Arch
Coil - A Cold Cell
Coil - Tiny Golden Books
David Essex - Rock On
Coil - A Warning from the Sun

Leo Avanti!'s punch in the face of adversity - 16.11.04
circle: havuportti (ektro)
asja auf capri: hoffman (difficult fun)
oskar: chi chi, cha cha & guy (inca)
hinterlandt: new belief system (alias frequencies)
amon düül II: dem guten, schønen, wahren (gammarock)
coil: red birds will fly out of the East and destroy paris in a night
dollboy (untitled) (demo)
on/off: distant personal (seed)
fotomoto: je suis fotomoto (white label)
stereolab: mass riff (elektra)
skills 7, stamina 12: the horror (junior aspirin)
nista nije nista: w (klangbad)
novel 23: trigger beat (sound silent)
franco battiato: areknames (bmg)
spax (track 2) (demo)
radio9: motorik (enraptured)

SUN RA....Blackman.
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART....Big eyed beans from Venus.
GURU GURU....Immer Lustig(edit).
CAN....One more night.
FAUST....So Far.
CLUSTER....In Suden.
ASH RA TEMPEL....Time(edit).
THE RESIDENTS....Aircraft Damage.
SUN RA....Sattelites are spinning.
ORNETTE COLEMAN....Science Fiction.
FILLE QUI MOUSSE....Autonomique.
TONY CONRAD WITH FAUST....From the side of the Machine(edit).

Did we ken John Peel? Playlist for Tango-Mango 2nd November 2004
Acid Mothers Temple - "What's Your Name?" (extract) (The Penultimate Galactic Bordello Also The World You Made 4CD box, Dirter, 2004)
Damo Suzuki/Cul de Sac - "Beograd 6" (Abhayamudra 2CD, Strange Attractors 2004)
Harmonia - "Monza" (Deluxe CD, Brain, [1975], 2004)
Faust - "Kraut Rock" (BBC Sessions+, ReR, [1973], 2000)
Cluster - "Caramel" (Zuckerzeit CD, Brain [1974], 2004)
Judah - "Naked Candy" (Cool Crap CD, Small Voices, 2004)
Mouse On Mars featuring Mark E. Smith - "Wipe That Sound (Sound City)" (Wipe That Sound 12" EP, Sonig, 2004)
Laibach - "Alle Gegen Alle" (Anthems 2CD, Mute, 2004)
Hair And Skin Trading Company - "Ground Zero" (Ground Zero 12" EP, Situation 2, 1992)
Stereolab - "John Cage Bubblegum" (Peel Session) (Ecoute Et Repete Disc 1 CD bootleg, [1997], 2000)
Can - "Geheim (Half Past One)" (The Peel Sessions CD, Strange Fruit, [1975] 1995)
Armor Veneris - "Snow Angels" (Alternative Blueprint Volume 1 CDEP, Alternative Blueprint, 2004)
Wevie de Crepon - "Ton Wah DE" (Ton Wah 12" EP, Sonig, 2004)
Novalis - "Sonnengeflecht" (Novalis CD, Brain, [1975], 2004)
Kin Ping Meh - "Fairy-Tales" (Kin Ping Meh CD, Polydor, [1972], 2004)

19.10.04 Mink Pelican's sound circle
Seadrum: Boredoms
Satori II: Flower Travelling band
Brotherhood of the Harvest: Comets on Fire
Pembelikler: 3 hur el
Pazuzu theme: Toolshed
Rat & Cat: Oliver
National Magic: Scatter
One Note: White magic
Little bits of Peter Rockmount
Magakami: Masaki batoh
O for a tousand tongues: Morgen und Nite
Red Bar Shorter Still - Youngs & Kawabata
Claustromania: St Mikael
vs The Hippies of Today are the Assholes of Tomorrow: Danny-ben-Israel

Leo Avanti's Struggle with Errant Technology 5.10.04
Can: Oh Yeah (2004 remaster) (Spoon/Mute)
Klangwart: i/o (edit) (Staubgold)
Joseph Suchy: Calabi-ya (Staubgold)
Numbers: We Like Having Things (artrocker)
Add N to (X): Quantum Leap (Mute)
Franco Battiato: Beta (BMG)
Stereolab: Microclimate (Elektra)
Telescopes: Treasure (Space Age)
Funsize Lions: Duesseldorf Airport (unreleased)
Can: Spoon (2004 remaster)(Spoon/Mute)
Neu!: Weisensee (EMI)
Radio9: Under Silver Moon (well, some of it, owing to cd skipping)
Can: Don't Turn the Light On, Leave me Alone (2004 remaster)(Spoon/Mute)
Faust: ABZU 4 Keef Roberts remix
Ovuca: unknown track (REPHLEX)
Clinic: Country Mile (Domino)
Can: Outside Your Door (2004 remaster)(Spoon/Mute)
Thighpaulsandra: His Lavish Shwroom (Ochre)
Guru Guru: Der LSD Marsch (ZYX)

SUN RA....Ancient Ethiopia.
CAN....TV spot.
KRAFTWERK....Kling Klang.
ALICE COLTRANE....Hare Krishna.
GURU GURU....Spaceship.
CAN....Bring me coffee or tea.
AMON DUUL 2....Stumbling over melted moonlight.
FAUST....Why dont you eat carrots.
ANTHONY MOORE....Untitled.
THE RESIDENTS....Hallowed be thy Ween(edit).
ii)Eat me Mother.
GIL MELLE....Henogenisis.

Tango-Mango in a meandering muddle on the Kosmische Club radio show, 21st September 2004
Coil - track 1 (excerpt), ANS B (ANS 3CD boxed set, Threshold House, 2004)
Cul de Sac/Damo Suzuki - "Berlin 6" (Abhayamudra 2CD, Strange Attractor Audio
House, 2004)
Can - "Tango Whiskeyman" (Soundtracks SACD, Spoon/Mute, 2004)
Legendary Pink Dots - "The Region Beyond" (The Whispering Wall CD, ROIR, 2004)
Harmonia - "Ohrwurm" (Musik von Harmonia CD, Brain 2004)
Rhythm King And Her Friends - "Get Paid" (Ladytron remix) (Get Paid Remixed
EP, Kitty Yo, 2004)
Judah - "Ode To Suicide" (Cool Crap CD, Small Voices, 2004)
Futon "I Wanna Be Your Dog" (Coil Mogadog remix) (Rehab, 2004)
Peaches vs Gibby Haynes And His Problem - "Redneck Sex" (Redneck Sex EP,
Sugardog, 2004)
Pole - "Rondell Eins" (Rondell EP, Kiff sm/PIAS 2000)
Si-cut.db - "Offices At Night" (Offices At Night CD, Fällt, 2004)
Rediffusion - "Terrain" (promo single, 2004)
Shackleton - "Stalker" (Stalker 7", Mordant, 2004)
Reverbaphon - "Kartoffeln" (Our Heart Beats With Joy CD, Benbecula 2004)
Gibby Haynes And His Problem - "Kaiser" (s/t CD, Sugardog, 2004)
Salvatore - "Easy" (Tempo CD, Racing Junior, 2002)
Mark van Hoen - "The Warmth Inside You" (The Warmth Inside You CD, Very
Friendly, 2004)
Multiplex - "With Hands And Feet" (With Hands And Feet remix EP, Multidisc,
Troissouer - "trays" (s/t CD, EMI Belgium, 2004)

Selections from Cosey Fanni Tutti's Selflessness CD (CTI, 2004) and Coil's ANS
box werealso played as incidental music throughout the show.

Jim Backhaus - 31st august:
Tom Dissevelt and Hid Baltan - Song of the Second Moon (QDK media)
General Strike - Interplanetary Dub (Piano)
Hanadensha - Sacrifice (WEA)
Pierre Henry - Apres La Mort 1 (Phillips - Prospective 21)
Bruce Gilbert / Edvard Graham Lewis / Colin Newman -
Archaia - L' Arche des Mutations (Soleil Zeuhl)
Bernard Parmegiani - Dedans Dehors (Ina-Grm)
Battiato - Sulle Corde de Aries (Bla-Bla)
Tod Dockstader - Four Telemetry Tapes (part one) (Starkland)
Rheingold - FAN (EMI)
Sketch Show - Traum 6.6 (Third Ear)
General Strike - Next Day (Piano)
Die Todliche Doris - Der Astronaut und Der Kosmos (Wave)
Shex - Rock n Roll 1999 (ADAADAT)
Pimmon - Buzz Like Blue Children (Kraak)
Wolfgang Dauner - Brazing The High Sky Full (ECM)
Sun Ra and his Astro-Galactic Infinity Arkestra - The Perfect Man (Evidence)
Stockhausen - Mikrophonist 2 (Deutsche Grammophon)
Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Egypt 80 - O D O O (Shanachie)

Leo Avanti! + Jim Backhaus cut edges and corners 24/8/04
Analog Girl: Laptop Symphony (demo)
Sack und Blumm: To Go To (Staubgold)
Bruce Haack: Rubberbands
Die Todliche Doris: Super Doris
Floh de Cologne: Hey Hallo Stift (Ohr)
The Christian Astronauts: track 4 (Queen City)
Lard Free: unknown title
Murcof: Maiz (Leaf)
Rollers/Sparkers: Spumeral (Lazybird)
Ennio Morricone: Tema per La Goff
Zukanican: Leak Winks (demo)
Faust: Komm Mit
Kosmophon:Kosmophon (demo)
Universal Panzies: Hallowedundgallowed (Head Heritage)
Moebius + Plank: Conditionerer (Spalax)
Analog Girl: Sound This (demo)
Franz Mon: da du der (WDR)
Albert Marcoeur: Deuz Lions Pt 1
General Strike: Interplanetary Music (Touch)
Mountains: Mountains (apestaartje)

3.FOETUS ERUPTUS....Baphomet.
4.SCRAPING FOETUS OFF THE WHEEL....The only good Christian is a Dead Christian.
5.S.F.O.T.W....Halo flamin' lead.
6.STEROID MAXIMUS....Erupture.
8.FOETUS INC....Butterfly Potion.
9.STEROID MAXIMUS....Destino Matar.
10.WISEBLOOD....Someone drowned in my pool.
11.FOETUS INC....Your Salvation.
12.FOETUS INC....Free James Brown(so he can run me down).
13.MANOREXIA....Tubercular bells.
14.YOUVE GOT FOETUS ON YOUR BREATH....Dying with my boots on.
16.S.F.O.T.W....Street of shame.
17.S.F.O.T.W....Satan place.

Tango-Mango's playlist for the Kosmische Club radio show on Resonance 104.4FM,
The Kosmische Meteor Shower Show!

Faust - "Fin" (Rien CD, Table Of The Elements, 1994)
Mats Gustafson and Friends/Sonic Youth "Track 3" (Hidros 3 CD, Smalltown
Supersound, 2004)
Badawi - "Enter The Tomb Raider" (Clones And False Prophets CD, ROIR 2003)
The Hair And Skin Trading Company - "KAK" (Jo In Nine G Hell CD, Situation
Two, 1992)
NON - "Easy Listening For The Hard Of Hearing" (extract) (Terra Incognita,
Mute, 2004)
Spacemen 3 - "Transparent Radiation (Flashback)" (Transparent Flashbacks CD,
Fire, 1995)
Green Milk From The Planet Orange - "Butterfly" (He's Crying "Look" CD,
Beta-lactam Ring Records, 2004)
Triosk - "Re-Ignite" (Moment Returns CD, Leaf, 2004)
DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid - "CD:DIR ->Gesture_><-N<-B*LA
theory_rmx" (Celestial Mechanix CD, Thirsty Ear, 2004)
Knifehandchop - "Going Back To Scarborough" (How I Left You CD, Very Friendly,
Camp Actor - "Basildon" (Semi-detatched Soul CDS, promo, 2003)
Cartertutti - "Streets Of London Fields" (Cabal CD, CTI, 2004)
Genesis P-Orridge - "The Mind Is The Key" (When I Was Young CD, Important,
Legendary Pink Dots - "Poppy Variations Part 1" (extract) (The Poppy
Variations CD, Beta-lactam Ring Records, 2004)
Skillsy Krishna And The Vorticist Bar Combo Feat. The Original Entropy Circus
all Stars - "Headkicker 2004 (Parts One and Two)" (The Vorticist Bar Combo Is
Skill CD, Cosmic Sundive, 2004)
The Jesus And Mary Chain - "Mushroom" (Barbed Wire Kisses CD, Blanco Y Negro,
Large Number - "Earth Has Shrunk In The Wash" (Spray On Sound CD, White Label
Kling Klang - "Heavydale" (The Superposition EP, Rock Action, 2002)
Legendary Pink Dots - "Soft Toy" (The Whispering Wall CD, ROIR, 2004)
Si-Cut.db - "Voluptuous Midnight" (Offices At Midnight Vol. 1 CD, Fällt, 2004)
Legendary Pink Dots - "Peek-A-Boo" (The Whispering Wall CD, ROIR, 2004)
Janek Schaefer - "Room 1" (extract) (Composition For A Cold Storage Vault,
Rome, CD, DSP, 2004)

Jim Backhaus tracklisting for 20th july
COSMIC JOKERS - raumschiff galaxy startet (spalax)
ZUKANICAN - somb (pickled egg)
NOXAGT - 4 very short tracks from their 22 track 7" with a skull on the
HELDON - interface (cuneiform)
WORKSHOP - warning (sonig)
AGITATION FREE - pulse + khan el khalil (spalax)
DZYAN - kabisrain (bellaphon)
MUSICA ELETTRONICA VIVA - leave the city part 2: cosmic communion
THE SPERM - organ (love/n&b digest)
AJRAXIN - no focus (nurse with wound remix) (love/n&b digest)
PINK FAIRIES - do it (polydor)

carlos slazenger's r'n'r 50th anniversary nightmare 6/6/ 04
theme from tomorrows world
faust- track 12 off rivvivando
chris & cosy- stolen kisses
kim fowley-face on the factory floor
the ran-dells-martian hop
a witness- red snake
african witchcraft music
der electrolurch-theme
fire engines-get up & use me
lord luther- i was a teenage creature
the fall- print head
chris & cosy -re-education thru labour
dickie goodman- horror movies
bruce haack-electric to me turn
goblin- suspiria
telex-rock around the clock
captain beefheart-i love, you big dummy
syph-moderne romantik
mobius & plank-conditionierier

Leo Avanti playlist 1/6/04
Terre Thaemlitz: Die Roboter (Mille Plateaux)
Silver Apples: Snake Bite (Enraptured)
Large Number: The Transgenic Banjo Player (white label)
Metal Urbain: Futurama (carpark)
Pan Sonic: Pakoisvoima (Blast First)
White Noise: Firebird (BBC)

Limn: Joyranch (Utrophia)
Mika Vainio: Se On Olemassa (Touch)
Sluta Leta: Flash (Mego)
Kaadu: Black California (Ipecac)
Harold Grosskopf: oceanheart (Sky)
L Pierre: Total Horizontal part 2 (Melodic)
Ray Mazurek: Body Parts (Spectral White) (Mego)

11/05/04 Pete Woodhead played 'A Gourmet's Guide To Throbbing Gristle"
Weapons Training ­ Live At The Factory 18th May 1979 From ³Throbbing Gristle
Live Vol 3² & ³TG24 Box Set² Mute Records 1993/2002

TGCD1 (Excerpt) Mute Records 1987

Convincing People ³20 Jazz Funk Greats² (Industrial Records 1979 Mute
Records 1991)

Radio Yugoslavia Announces TG

Slug Bait - Live At Southampton From ³The Second Annual Report Of Throbbing
Gristle² (Industrial Records 1977 / Mute Records 1991)

E-Coli- ³D.O.A: The Third And Final Report Of Throbbing Gristle²
(Industrial Records 1978 + Mute Records 1991/2004)

United ­ Single & ³The Taste Of TG² (Industrial Records 1978 + Mute Records

Hot On The Heels Of Love From ³20 Jazz Funk Greats² & ³The Taste Of TG²
(Industrial Records 1979 + Mute Records 1991/2004)

Hamburger Lady from ³D.O.A: The Third And Final Report Of Throbbing Gristle²
& ³The Taste Of TG² (Industrial Records 1978 + Mute Records 1991/2004)

New After Cease To Exist Soundtrack ­ Live at London Film-Makers Co-Op 6th
July 1979 From ³Throbbing Gristle Live Vol 1² & ³TG24 Box Set² Mute Records

Spirits Flying - Live At Kazar Pavillion San Francisco May 29th 1981 From
³Mission Of Dead Souls² & ³TG+ Box Set ² Mute Records 1991/2004

AB/7A from ³D.O.A: The Third And Final Report Of Throbbing Gristle²
(Industrial Records 1978 + Mute Records 1991/2004)

Track 6 (Chat ­Up Lines) from ³Heathen Earth ³ Industrial Records 1980 +
Mute Records 1991

TGCD1 (Excerpt) Mute Records 1987

Electrodub 2 from ³Chris Carter ­The Space Between² (Industrial Records
1980 + Mute Records 1991)

Hometime ­ from ³D.O.A: The Third And Final Report Of Throbbing Gristle ³
(Industrial Records 1978 + Mute Records 1991)

What A Day ³20 Jazz Funk Greats² (Industrial Records 1979 Mute Records 1991)

D.O.A Live At Goldsmiths College London May 18th 1978 From ³Throbbing
Gristle Live Vol 2² & ³TG24 Box Set² Mute Records 1993/2002

Intro Live At Rafters Manchester December 4th 1980
From ³TG+ Box Set² Mute Records 1993/2004

Still Walking from ³20 Jazz Funk Greats² (Industrial Records 1979 Mute
Records 1991)

Still Walking (Carl Craig Re-Version) from ³ Mutant TG ³
NovaMute 2004

Outro Track 8 from ³Heathen Earth ³ Industrial Records 1980 + Mute Records

Playlist for Tango-Mango, Kosmische radio show on Resonance
Throbbing Gristle - "X-Ray" (Edit)
Radboud Mens - "Pulse" Track 1
Pan Sonic "Sykkiva"
Richard H Kirk - "I Want More"
Schneider TM "Pulseprogramming remix"
The Frequency - "Zapatos Blanca"
Scorn - "List Of Takers " (extract)
Faust vs Dalek - "T-Electronique"
Harmonia - "Sonnenschein"
Pat Riot - "Who's Afraid Of The Red White And Blue"
Camp Actor - "Semi-Detached Soul"
Large Number - "I Shot Her At The Setting Of The Sun"
Muslimgauze "Azzazin" Track 1
Fennesz - "The Other Face"
Edward Ka-Spel - "Come Down"
Weightless Animals - "Asteroid 4371 Monica Grady"
To Rococo Rot - "Bologna"
Pan Sonic - "Painovoima"
Einsturzende Neubauten - "Kalte Sterne"
Einsturzende Neubauten - "Ubique Media Daemon"

El Minko Peligroso's Night of the Bloody Moon
1) Il ya - WTC.XTC (2003)
2) Metempsychosis - Arzachael (1969)
3) Enter The Dragon - EXTRA ACTION MARCHING BAND (2002)
4) Roots + Weather - Salvatore (2004)
5) Satori Pt 5 - Flower Travelling Band (1971)
6) Escaped and Lost Down in Medina - GHOST (2004)
7) Zind Destruction - HELDON (1975)
8) Langt Bot - HANS EDLER (1971)
10) Music Sets Us Free - MARY TIMONY (2003)
11) Emergence of the vegetable Mind - ASH CASTLES ON THE GHOST COAST
(2001?) (played about 1 minute, CD player didn't like it)
12) Replaces by his Constellation - CYCLOBE (2002)
13) Program Me - BRUCE HAACK (1974)
14) Procession - WICKER MAN OST (1975)

27th april- special guest kosmische selectaz WOEBOT and SACHA DIEU:
0.00.51 Infinte Lifez: Adventures of the Lactating Man
0.05.14 David Banner: Cadillacs on 22s
0.10.47 Meat Puppets: Seal Whales
0.13.05 Francois Rabbath: Il Vien Bientot
0.17.20 Michael Rother: Silberstreif
0.22.00 Ryuichi Sakamoto: Das Neue Japanische Elektronishe Volkslied*
0.25.39 Terrah Danjah: Juggling*
0.27.32 Casino-vs-Japan: Summer Clip
0.35.32 Francois de Roubiaux: Le Vol de deux Avions
0.41.03 The Tornadoes: Do Your Thing Part Two
0.45.04 Punjabi MC: Challa
0.51.40 RZA: Ghost Dog Interlude
0.53.09 Lizard: Sa Ka Na
0.58.22 Roberto De Simone: Canto di Camora
1.03.29 Nini Raviolette: Suis-je Normale?
1.08.49 Outputmessage: Bernard's Song
1.14.11 Richard Johnson: Typerope
1.18.41 Revolution: Cina
1.22.55 Ethiopian 7" Damaged Label
1.27.32 Dr. Zeus: Ah Ni Kuria
1.31.39 Lil' Flip: Da Roof
1.34.28 The Black Dog: Shadehead
1.40.45 Francois de Roubiaux: Il Vien Bientot Aussi

9/3/04 leo avanti played
klangwart: zwei
limbus 4:mandalas
noos: soft, dream, safe
pluxus: dagsmeja
John baker: accentric
gila: the buffalo are coming
Pil: radio 4 - utabe live set (adaadat) -
salvatore: in gekko
cluster: caramel
roedelius: herald
sixtoo (feat damo suzuki): stormclouds + silver linings
kraftwerk: neon lights
kraftwerk: trans-europe express


1.DR JOHN....Walk on gilded splinters. 1968
2.TERRY RILEY....Poppy no good.
3.THE MOTHERS....Voice of Cheese/9 types of industrial pollution.
5.CAPTAIN BEEFHEART....Beatle bones 'n' smokin' stones.
7.SILVER APPLES....Lovefingers.
8.SOFT MACHINE....Hello Der/Dada was here. .............................................
9.GEORGE RUSSEL....Event 1,part 1. 1969
10.AMON DUUL.....Shattering and Fading.
11.CAN....Father cannot yell.
12.THE STOOGES.....Real cool time.
13.SILVER APPLES....A Pox on you.
14.MILES DAVIS....Great Expectations.

24/2/04 Jim Backhouse
Supersilent - untitled (from Supersilent 6) (Rune Grammofon)
Alexandro Jodorowski - 300 Rabbits (Apple)
Ghedalia Tazartes - Tazartes' Transports (Alga Marghen)
Cabaret Voltaire - Space Patrol (Mute)
Pyrolator - It Always Rains in Wuppertal (Warning)
Xenakis - Voyage Absolu Des Unari Vers Andromede (Fractal)
Heldon - Les Soucoupes Volantes Vertes (Cuneiform)
Black Devil Disco Club - Timing, Forget the Timing (Rephlex)
Explorer - Yellow Power (Gomma)
Robert Gorl - Ekhard's Party (Mute)
@From Scratch - Out/In (Private Press)
Bochum Welt - Mannequin (Device)
Glynis Jones (BBC Radiophonic Workshop) - Magical Bird Song (BBC)
Eski Boy - Ground Zero (Beatless Mix) (Wiley Kat)
Voice Crack / Hrvatski - Cracked Everyday Electronics Home Repair Course (Ambush)
Faust - Meadow Meal (Polydor)
Blurt - The Fish Needs A Bike (Armageddon)
DNA - Lionel (Antilles)
Schlammpeitziger - Pra Digitaler Volkstuhlhanger (Sonig)
Utabi - Turntable Utabi (ADAADAT)
Magma - Hamtaak (7th Rex)
Lenky - Z2010 (Mastermind 2.5)

17/02/04 Pete Woodhead's Eclectic Crazy Lad
Movement The First­ Bobby Beauoleil and The Freedom Orchestra 1976 (White Dog Music 1998)
Perspective IV ­ Heldon (Cuneiform 1975)
Fizz ­ Live at The University of Keele 02/03/77 ­ Can (Spoon/Mute 1999)
Writing On Water ­ Paul Schutze (Promo Only 2001)
S Is For Sleep ­ Coil (Threshold House 1990)
For JG ­ The Human League (Black Melody 2002)
Thru Metamorphic Rock ­ Tangerine Dream (Virgin 1979)
Iso-Erotic Calibrations ­ T.A.G.C (Musica Maxima Magnetica 1994)
Bandito The Bongo ­ Raymond Scott (BASTA 2000)
Uptown Apocalypse ­ B.E.F (Virgin US 1981)
Another Story ­ The Flying Lizards (Virgin 1981)
Messages Received ­ Cabaret Voltaire (Rough Trade 1980)
Blanche­ Ferric (Promo 2004)
Cirrus ­ The Flying Lizards (Virgin 1981)
The Wing Thing ­ Raymond Scott (BASTA 2000)
Sultanesque - Roxy Music (Island 1975)
Church Of Anthrax - Terry Riley and John Cale (CBS 1971)
Almost - Harmonia 76 (Sky 1976)

27/1/04 Leo Avanti
Floh de Cologne: Wir Werden Immer Mehr (Ohr)
Printed Circuit: Bit Robotic (demo)
Radio9: A Futuristic Journey by Car (2012)
Oneida: Caesar's Column (R Trade)
Moebius + Plank: Don't Point the Bone (no cd)
Thin Man: tk1 impovisation
Arkkon: Schlemmer (Soleilmoon)
The Books: All Bad Ends All
Paddy Kingsland: Panel Beaters (BBC)
Rollers/Sparkers: Quarrel (Lazybird)
Cluster: Heiße Lippen (Spalax)
Bruhn/Wilder: Heidi (QED)
Harmonia: Gollum (Brain)
Incite: Measures (demo)
Chapel Couture tk5 (Post Office)
Storm Bugs: He Rose Up Again(Snatch Tapes)
Rechenzentrum: Camera Silens/SFB 115 (Kitty Yo)
The Freed Unit: No Signs of the Warble Fly(Enraptured)
Palais Schaumburg: Grünes Winkelkanu (Phonogram)
HJ Irmler: Trevo (Staubgold)
Kraftwerk 1971 live (bootleg)

1950-1968 TONY BURELLO....Theres a new sound.
'50 OTTO LUENING....Low speed.
'52 RAYMOND SCOTT....Cindy Electronium.
'59 SUN RA....Interplanetary music.
'59 SUN RA....Cluster of Galaxies.
'61 TOD DOCKSTADER....Apocalypse pt 1.
'61 TEO MACERO....Equals.
'63 SUN RA....Adventure/Equation.
'63 JOHN CALE....Summer Heat.
'65. ......................................................................................................
1966 THE MONKS....its Monk Time.
THE MOTHERS....Help im a Rock.
THE MONKS....i Hate you.
THE BEATLES....Tommorow never Knows.
THE MONKS....Drunken Maria.
1967 CAPTAIN BEEFHEART.....Electricity.
VELVET UNDERGROUND.....European son.
SOFT MACHINE....WE did it again.
THE MOTHERS....Flower Punk.
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART....25th Century Quaker.
CZUKAY/DAMMERS....Vietnamese Boatwoman Song(edit).

13/1/04 Tango-Mango-Backhaus Tangerine Koloured Silver Dream Overdriven SoundKlash
Popul Vuh - "Brueder des Schattens - Soehne des Lichts" (The Two Original Soundtracks of Werner Herzog's Nosferatu The Vampyre CD, High Tide 1992)
Einstuerzende Neubauten - "Selbstportrait mit Kater" (Perpetuum Mobile CD, Mute 2004)
This Heat - "Paper Hats" (Deceit LP, Rough Trade 1980)
The Holy Modal Rounders - "My Mind Capsized" (The Moray Eels Eat The Holy Modal Rounders LP, Elektra 1968)
Radierer - "Ich Bin Koenig" (7" ZickZack 1980)
Der Plan - "Commerce Exterieur Mondial Sentimental" (New Deutsch compilation CD, International Deejay Gigolos, 2003)
Visage - "Frequency 7" ("Mind of A Toy" (b-side) Polydor 1981)
Bobby Conn - "Maria B." (Llovessonngs 12", Thrill Jockey 1999)
Pluramon - "Time" (Dreams Top Rock LP Karaoke Kalk, 2003)
Malcolm Clark - "Bath Time" (The BBC Radiophonic Workshop LP, BBC records and tapes 1975 )
Nurse With Wound - "Swamp Rat" (Sugar Fish Drink [A Layman's Guide To Cod Surrealism] CD, United Dairies 1992)
Plastic People Of The Universe - "Apokalyptickej Ptak" (Ach to Statu Hanobeni CD, Globus 2000)
KLF ENT - "3AM Eternal" (7", KLF Communications, 1991)
Venetian Snares - "2 Dollars" (2370894 CD, Planet Mu 2002)
Abwarts - "Computer Staat" (7" ZickZack 1980)
Faust - "Stretch Out" (Patchwork CD, Staubgold 2003)
Steve Fitch - "In The Neighborhood" (A Texas Trip compilation LP, Caroline 1987)
Malaria vs Wassermann - "Kaltes Klares Wasser" remix (Ocean Club Berlin compilation CD, WMF 2000)
gwEm -"Frank Sinatra" (white label 7", Shitkatapult 2003)
S/T - "It's Over" (The Difficult Second Album CD, Save Our Sperms 1995)