Friday, December 16, 2005


AMON DUUL....Stumbling over melted moonlight.
DEVO....(i cant get no) Satisfaction.
PERE UBU....Street Waves.
THE RESIDENTS....Handfull of desire.
NO NECK BLUES BAND....the Natural bridge.
SUN RA....Satellites are spinning.
THE MOTHERS....Help i'm a Rock.
CAN....Vitamin C.
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART....Sweet,sweet bulbs.
FOETUS....Baphomet/Dead Christian.
THE BIRTHDAY PARTY....The Dim Locator.
THE RESIDENTS....My Second Wife.
DEVO....Uncontrollable Urge.
FOETUS....Butterfly Potion.
RENALDO AND THE LOAF....Honest joes indian gets his goat on the way to the cowboys conga.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

a short pause

the kosmische show on resonance fm, on air since may 2002, is having a 13 week break from the beginning of january until spring.

thanks to everyone who's tuned in, contacted us, sent us cds, etc. thanks also to all our guests: damo suzuki, michael rother, amon duul, faust, ken hollings, matt woebot, leee nite, ommm and countless others.

we will return to the airwaves in spring 2006.


our residency at the OLD BLUE LAST continues in january 2006, now occupying the first saturday of each month, beginning on the 7th jan. watch this space for the stellar lineup which will grace the stage for our post-new-year cosmic hangover extravaganza.

Monday, December 12, 2005

golden hour of ndw underground

Tune in to hear special guest selector WOEBOT playing an hour of selections from the golden era of the NDW underground:

this TUESDAY, 13th DECEMBER, 22.00 - 23.00 (GMT)

RESONANCE 104.4 FM (in london) webstreamed at

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Kosmische FM Playlist for 29th November 2005

Playlist for the Kosmische Club radio show on Resonance FM, 29th November 2005

Tango-Mango's Godspeed you Grand Erector of Perfidious Albion selection.

The Fugs
- "Nothing"
Ectogram - "Overstopped"
Ulan Bator - "God, Dog"
Permanent Fatal Error - "Low Law Speed"
Faust - "On The Way To Abamae"
Charles Hayward - "Time Is Spiral"
SMDO - "Complex Heavy Place" (extract)
Kawabata Makoto - "Planet Crazy Diamond" (extract)
Damo Suzuki and Cul de Sac - "Berlin 6"
Edward Ka-Spel - "Mechanical Sam"
Orbit Sequence - "High Orbit"
Coil - "I Don't Want To Be The One"
Raised By Wolves - (track 8)